Strike Industries OPTIMUS Modular Weight Buffer

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    Strike Industries has announced the release of another new product – the Optimus Modular Weight Buffer. This buffer provides a quick and easy access to the internal weights and comes with a set of different weights thus allowing to assemble a buffer with the overall weight optimal for any particular weapon system.

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    Let’s first see how the company describes this product:

    Developed to suit the needs of a performance-based shooter, the Strike Industries Optimus Weight Buffer provides rapid modular customization that can be performed by the user. Changing out the buffer is one of the most direct upgrades to the AR platform, the Optimus WB comes with standard H1-H3 weight distribution, or it can be adjusted to the specific weight needs of the shooter. The Optimus WB will increase the reliability, accuracy, and performance of the AR shooting platform. Made from durable 7075 Aluminum the Outer Body houses all the weights secure and snug with the help of specialized rubber spacers that will help reduce inner impact of recoil. Keeping the different internal material cylinders in tip-top condition.

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    The construction of the Optimus buffer is quite simple. Basically, the head of the buffer is screwed onto the body and by unscrewing it you get access to the weights. There is also a rubber O-ring to ensure a tight and sealed connection of the buffer head with the body. Here is a video showing how to assemble this buffer:

    The Optimus buffer comes with 2 tungsten, 2 steel, 2 aluminum, and 3 polymer weights. Six rubber spacers that are installed inbetween the weights are also included in the package. As shown in the installation video, the Optimus buffer accommodates four weights as opposed to three weights of the standard AR-15 buffer. The four weight materials and four weights inside the buffer make a ton of possible combinations allowing you to assemble buffers weighing from 1.7 to 5.2 oz. Here is a chart showing what weight combinations should be used to achieve a desired overall buffer weight.

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    If there were four tungsten weights in the kit, you could even assemble an extra heavy (7-8 oz) PCC buffer.

    The Strike Industries Optimus Modular Weight Buffer is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $59.95.

    I think it is safe to say that we are observing a growing trend of adjustable/modular AR buffers. At SHOT Show 2019 Vltor introduced such a buffer system. A couple of months later ODIN Works announced the launch of their adjustable buffer. And I am sure there is half a dozen of similar products out there. While technically any buffer can be adjusted by removing the polymer tail and replacing the weights, the adjustable buffers allow quicker and easier access to the weights and sometimes offer other features too like the additional weight in the Optimus. Tell us in the comments section what do you think about the Optimus Modular Weight Buffer and adjustable buffers in general.

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