POTD: KS Arms – SAR Action in 6 Dasher

    KS Arms (Canada) are specialists in precision quality, match-grade rifle products and services including actions and barrels, gunsmithing, and re-barreling. It is a family-owned business based in Edmonton, Canada.

    What you are looking into is a KS Arms SAR action, in caliber 6 Dasher.

    You can notice the Dasher round, low right.

    If you want some clues on how this photo was taken, you can get some “secret” hints below.

    Computers, software and skills are needed too, for the final tweaks.

    A studio doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy to produce good, high-quality photos.

    The Canon, taking pictures of a “Cannon”.

    All photos, and all photos of the photos, are from Robert Purvins. When he’s not busy taking professional photos like these he’s more than a decent PRS and Long Range Shooter.

    You can find and follow Robert’s Instagram here.


    Thanks for your contribution and help!


    You can find the homepage of KS Arms here K.S. ARMS Ltd.