Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying Concealed; Everyday Challenges

    Carrying concealed

    Carrying a concealed weapon can be challenging and somewhat puzzling depending on certain situations. One thing I’ve noticed after years of carrying concealed is the fact we sometimes get comfortable with a particular loadout. This often tends to force a certain gun and holster combination into roles that may not be ideal. It’s an easy trap to fall into once you start carrying for a while and I’m guilty of this as well.

    Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying Concealed; Everyday Challenges

    Being Comfortable with Different Loadouts

    In previous articles, I’ve talked about three season guns vs all season guns. Typically, I break down guns into two different sizes for concealed carry. The three season carry guns are usually guns that can be tough to conceal in the summertime and sometimes require extra layers to break up the gun’s outline. Three season guns are typically medium or full-size guns like the Glock 17 or SIG 226 and 229 series. All season guns are typically the small or micro carry guns that are relatively easy to carry concealed even in the summertime.

    Now where I typically see the most challenges with conceal carry is when people are trying to conceal something larger than what they should be in the summertime. It’s always good to have multiple options to conceal carry for various situations. Honestly, I hear a surprising amount of arguments against carrying different loadouts fairly often. The main argument against having different loadouts is the idea people could not be as proficient with different guns as they would be with just one. I can understand where people are coming from when they talk about proficiency, but it’s not difficult to transition from one or two guns if you practice on a regular basis. Practice and training are key to proficiency so it’s important to try new loadouts at the range.

    Carrying Around Gun-Free Zones

    Being able to be dynamic and carrying different loadouts is extremely important. It makes daily life way easier when having options that you’re proficient with. Another thing I run into is navigating around the various gun-free zones life takes you. I know some of you are writing in the comments below about how you don’t go to gun-free zones. I respect that, but I work in a public school as a special education teacher. This is a tricky situation for me because I constantly have to figure out how to have a firearm close without being on school property.

    Luckily, I work at a school that has a ton of pubic parking right outside the school. Every day, I can park on the street which is considered off-campus and still be allowed to have a firearm close by. I know some of you may be tempted to carry in a gun-free zone saying the old “rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” and I get that thinking. Since it’s my job, I’m less likely to take the risk if I can have my truck on public ground with a firearm inside.

    Certain Decisions

    I know most of you don’t have to worry about dealing with gun-free zones. It’s something we run into while carrying concealed. Gun-free zones can be a dilemma to some people while others ignore them. It’s a serious crime to carry inside a gun-free zone. Despite this, I know plenty of people who risk it to ensure their personal safety. It’s a choice that a lot of us have to decide to either avoid, ignore, or disarm before entering the area. Whether it’s the post office to drop off mail, a movie theater, or other gun-free zones, it’s always a personal dilemma that you will need to decide what’s best for you to do in those situations. I’m not going to be the person who says to always carry or not, but it’s something to think about individually.

    Overall Thoughts

    Whether it’s figuring out your concealed carry loadout or navigating local or federal laws while you conceal carry. It’s important to think about the daily challenges you may face. I think one of the easier challenges to overcome would be figuring out concealed carry loadouts that work for you. Finding a set up that works best for you is important, but don’t force that set up into every situation. One setup will never be ideal for every situation. It’s important to stay fluid and keep your carry gear dynamic. Whether or not you decide to have dynamic loadouts, it’s always important to practice for proficiency with your firearm.

    Challenges aren’t just about gear or making everything fit with your wardrobe. It’s also about navigating local and federal laws when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon. Most people enjoy picking out different gear, but navigating the various laws in your area is an important factor as well. Being able to travel and plan your day out without getting yourself into legal trouble seems silly but a very real challenge. Let me know what some of your daily challenges are when it comes to concealed carry in the comments below. If you have questions, feel free to message me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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