Review: PMC Ammunition X-TAC .223 Remington 77 gr Sierra

    In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the PMC Ammunition X-TAC .223 Remington 77 gr Sierra.

    PMC is short for Precision Manufactured Cartridges, and the cartridges are Made in South Korea by Poongsan. They also supply the Republic of Korea Armed Force.

    The PMC X-TAC Match ammunition is a combination of PMC’s X-TAC high-performance line with the high-end bullets from Sierra Bullets.

    Sierra’s 77-grain Match Kings bullets have set numerous records worldwide and are generally an excellent choice for a precision rifle.

    For instance, I use Sierra’s 69-grain bullet with great results in my Troy PAR, and other 223 Rem rifles.(GGG)

    The ammunition was tested in these setups:

    The best of two worlds – a high-quality AR15 and a traditional high-quality bolt-action rifle.

    AR15 Aero Precision 18″ barrel – 223 Wylde. Sight: Kahles K16i.

    KS Arms SAR with 26″ barrel – 223 Wylde.

    Below: Picture of the setup. Bipod and support from behind with a quality bag.

    Below: The group shot with an AR15 Aero Precision 18″ barrel – 223 Wylde. Sight: Kahles K16i.

    21.6 mm CC (Center To Center) at 100 meters. Not bad at all! Consider that the magnification is only 6x.

    The group shot with the precision rifle KS Arms SAR with 26″ barrel – 223 Wylde.

    8,7 mm CC (Center To Center) at 100 meters. About 0,342 inches. This is really good! Just take a look at the pattern below. Only one bullet left the hole-in-holes.

    Here you can see the Power Factor calculation for IPSC. PF 150 is the limit, so 194 is quite a lot, but not uncommon for heavy bullets. Unfortunately, a high power factor means more recoil.

    Not that this round is going to slap you in the face, but if you are shooting many rounds, as in 3Gun/Practical shooting, recoil means longer time for the next shot. However, if there is a lot of wind and you know you will hit your target it might be well worth it for the long-range shots.

    Typically I have to adjust and compensate about 2-3 clicks up when I use heavier bullets versus the normal 55 grains. But it depends from brand to brand and also sometimes from batch to batch, just be aware of it.

    The results from the LabRadar, as an example. 10 shots in this series.

    Both barrels were brand new, so they might gain some velocity after 100 – 200 rounds.


    About PMC and their ammunition:

    All PMC sporting ammunition is produced to either SAAMI or US Military Specification standards (MIL SPEC). PMC quality control is governed by the highly sought after ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards.

    PMC Brass and Primers

    PMC ammunition is loaded in new brass cases with boxer primers. The ammunition is non-corrosive and is loaded to SAAMI specifications with the exception of 50A, 5.56X and 5.56K. Each of these rounds complies with MIL SPEC.

    All PMC ammunition is reloadable. Rifle ammunition may have crimped military primers. In reloading, the crimped first needs to be removed before a new primer can be inserted. Most major reloading companies can provide a tool to accomplish this operation.

    Supply Chain Management

    PMC’s supplier owns and operates the brass mill that produces the brass strip from which all brass cartridge cups are made.

    Manufacturing all sporting ammunition in-house means not only that our supplier controls the total product quality, but also that our supplier is not dependent on other ammunition component manufacturers when shortages may occur.



    There is no lack of precision in this round! It works well both in an AR15 and in bolt-action rifles, and the accuracy is really good. The ES (Extreme Spread) is what we can count on with factory loads.

    Don’t be surprised if this ammunition becomes one of the most accurate in your selection, and at a great price. However take note about your barrel twist, and make sure that the mechanics of your barrel and your bullet choice has the opportunity to marry. For shooters that don’t reload this is a really good choice “from the factory.”

    I know for a fact that several competitors at Rifle World Shoot used the PMC 77 gr Sierra with excellent results on the (relatively) long-range targets up to 330 meters. This was in barrels between 16″ to 20″, unfortunately, I don’t know their twist rate.

    I have been looking for pricing in the USA, and it seems that these 77-grainers are about $0.75 per round in low volumes. (Source) Expensive? Well this, or more, is what you should expect to pay for a high-quality cartridge.

    Below: A picture of a picture in a picture of a…

    Here is a link to PMC and the ammunition tested.:

    Photos and data crunching with the help from Robert Purvins. When he’s not busy evaluating and measuring ammunition he’s more than a decent IPSC rifle, PRS and Long Range Shooter. Thanks to Kruttunnan for providing the PMC ammunition.

    You can find and follow Robert’s Instagram here.

    Have you tried any ammunition from PMC before? What is your general experience? Have you tried this X-TAC Match 77 gr cartridge specifically? Which of the heavy bullets are the best in your opinion? 

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