[DSEI] FN Herstal Unveils New Compact, High-Performance Ballistic Calculator

    How about a Laser Range Finder with a ballistic “solver” that presents the data to you via an OLED screen?

    If that sounds interesting you should continue reading and/or make sure you visit FN Herstal at DSEI in London.

    FN Herstal claims this is the most compact, high performance ballistic calculator for squad weapons.

    It will only be available for Military customers, by the looks of it. But if you want to be almost as cool, you can get the Heads-Up Display for the Kestrel Ballistics Meters.

    For more details please check the Press Release below:

    (Herstal, Belgium) – September, 2019. Belgium-based FN Herstal, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of small caliber weapons and weapon systems, will showcase its newly-developed ballistic calculator at Defense and Security Equipment International Exhibition from September 10 through to September 13.

    The most compact, high-performance ballistic calculator on the market FN Herstal has developed a new compact weapon mounted range finder with an embedded ballistic solver and an all-in-one laser system.

    This ruggedized device fits to any squad weapon, and replaces devices like legacy laser aiming devices, handheld range finders and smartphone-based ballistic apps.

    The FN® Ballistic Calculator enhances lethality by increasing hit probability and situational awareness, and simplifying target designation.
    The FN® Ballistic Calculator combines ballistic sensors and laser capabilities in a small form factor.

    The FN Ballistic Calculator integrates:

    1. a unique ballistic solver capable of efficiently managing the effect of bullet trajectory
    2. an advanced state-of-the-art laser range finder
    3. a state-of-the-art OLED screen that displays relevant and accurate ballistic correction data in an optimum quality
    4. a large number of designation capabilities such as a visible or infrared laser pointer, and a variable infrared illuminator
    5. a system to quickly and securely attach the ballistic calculator onto the host weapon
    6. different technologies such as Bluetooth or RS232 to connect to a soldier system or any other accessories

    With the addition of this military quality product, FN Herstal continues to expand its FN® e-novation product line, which harnesses modern technology to further enhance the capabilities of the dismounted combatant.

    The new FN Ballistic Calculator can be seen on FN Herstal/FNH UK booth N2-300 – Belgian Pavilion,
    September 10-13, 2019.

    Try https://www.fnherstal.com/ for their homepage.

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