POTD: Custom Marlin 1895 SBL Rifle by VEREX Tactical

    POTD Custom Marlin 1895SBL Rifle by Verex Tactical (1)

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is provided by VEREX Tactical, a company located in Oberalm, Austria. While the Marlin 1895 SBL depicted in the photos has a bunch of custom carvings, engravings and finishes, what really jumps out is the actual lever which is made of a bike chain.

    POTD Custom Marlin 1895SBL Rifle by Verex Tactical (6)

    I contacted the company asking to tell us the story of this gun and here is what Alexander Haslauer, the CEO of VEREX Tactical, told me about this project:

    The customer wanted something unique.

    He didn’t specify what exactly we should do, all he asked for was something dark (hell, death, skull, what so ever).

    So I came up with the idea to cut off the actual lever and replace it with a piece of motorcycle chain that was welded together.

    The inside of this new lever didn’t feel very well, so it was welded out and smoothed by grinding down the welded material.

    Now it has a great feeling when handling the lever action.

    We also added some laser engravings on the steel parts and the stock and finished everything off with a special Cerakote pattern.

    First we used bio-texture airbrush stencils on the barrel, the feeding tube and the system with 3 different types of sand and brown.

    After this was cured enough we put some Graphit Black all over the whole thing and did the battle worn effect on the rest of the parts with some Satin Aluminium.

    It turned out very well and the customer is more than happy with his unique firearm

    POTD Custom Marlin 1895SBL Rifle by Verex Tactical (2)

    So what do you think? Is this a Hot Gat or …oh, wait, that’s a different series. But anyway, what do you think about this VEREX Tactical custom Marlin 1895SBL?

    Images by VEREX Tactical