BEST Of The WORST: Amazon Gun Gifts Available Now

    Best of the Worst: Amazon Gun Gifts

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    Imagine a free world where you could use Amazon Prime to order a dozen Magpul PMags, a case of 5.56mm ammo or a Geissele AR-15 trigger. And while I realize that it’s “their business, their rules” and that there are many other high-quality outlets that will ship you exactly what you want, there is still a part of me that wonders “why not?”. For the moment at least, there are a limited number of gun accessories and related gear products on the world’s largest internet retailer to keep us all somewhat happy. We’ve peppered you with knives, flashlights and the occasional less-than-lethal suggestion. But I decided to dig into the Amazon underworld, looking for firearm-related gear products that you don’t see every day. Who knows, maybe some of these Amazon gun gifts can be the perfect way to end a long friendship at this year’s company Secret Santa gift exchange.

    BEST Of The WORST: Amazon Gun Gifts Available Now

    As a reminder, none of the commissions for our Best/Top/Worst posts come to me personally. They go to feeding the squirrels that supply the power to the TFB steam engine. If it did, I’d be suggesting pearl earrings or high-end photography equipment (TFB is powered by Panasonic S1R and GH5 cameras).

    I do listen to all of your suggestions and I’m trying to evolve our gear posts for the better. What seems to work is to poll the highly talented and experienced TFB staff for their gear suggestions and give you a reason of why we like the brands and models we select.

    Last week’s adjustable gas block list seemed to be helpful to some shooters, and I want to continue to get better with our gear suggestions. I’ll lean heavily on the staff and their areas of expertise, but I will also be reaching out to our industry partners for advice as well. Reader suggestions are always welcome. (Note: I’ve received the ‘Go F*#k Yourself’ suggestion already, there’s no need to pile on).

    Back to the fun stuff – here’s a list of some of the “worst” gun-related gear I could find on Amazon. However, there are some of you who may actually like my suggestions and decide to pick a little something up for yourself or a close family member. I’m not suggesting you should, but the option is there nonetheless.

    Be safe, have fun and thanks for supporting TFB.

    Covert Clutch | Universal Tactical Handgun Grip Sleeve with Hex Pattern

    About $8 on Amazon

    ”Tackier when wet” – Impossible. Already max tacky.

    “Used by Federal Law Enforcement and Special Operations” – Elite Fashion Police?

    • Unique Rubber Compound Actually Becomes Tackier When Wet
    • As Used by Federal Law Enforcement and Special Operations – Increased Recoil Absorption and Grip Provide Improved Time on Target
    • Tight Fit Stays Put: Simply Roll Grip Sleeve onto Handle and Work into Position by Hand. No tools needed.
    • Conforms to Handle Contours with Minimal Bulk – MADE WITH PRIDE IN USA
    • Ultimate Comfort. Ultimate Control. Covert Clutch.

    Creatrill 2 Pack Magwell Metal Decal Sticker – Punisher Skull 1 inch by 1.38 inch

    About $7 on Amazon 

    For when your evil black rifle is not nearly scary enough for a jury of your peers.

    Side note: How dare you desecrate a BCM rifle like this!

    Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9×32 Rangefinder Illuminated Reflex Sight 4 Reticle Green Dot Laser Sight with 14 Slots 1 inch High Riser Mount

    About $90 on Amazon

    Features like these are difficult to find in any one or even dozen separate products.

    • 4 in 1, comes with a rangefinder riflescope, a green laser sight and a red/green dot sight everything you will ever need.
    • Magnifications from 3X up to 9X, green/red illuminations with 5 brightness adjustments for both the riflescope and electronic unlimited brightness control for the dot sight, 4 reticle patterns also available for the red/green dot sight.
    • HD119 red/green dot reflex sight with bottom switch – highly accurate optic and substitute for overpriced holographic clear, high resolution image unlimited eye relief and wide field of view.
    • Picatinny mount easily mountable to any 22/11mm rails (Picatinny or Weaver); Multi-coated optics with O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling ensures 100% water and fog-proof.
    • Unsurpassed light transmission, uncompromising mechanical performance and clarity.

    Punching Holes: Buying Ammunition, Gun Accessories, Knives and Tactical Gear at Wholesale Prices

    About $7 on Amazon 

    What if I told you your analogy makes no sense?

    What if I told you that you’ve been buying ammunition, gun accessories, knives and tactical gear all wrong this whole time? Would you believe me if I told you I was in the same boat, until I found a way to save 15-40% by buying it at wholesale prices? I’ve purchased $145 60-round AR15 magazines for $110.

    Deflector Brake Kit: Saves Brass for Re-Loading, Protects Rifle Paint/Coatings, Prevents Brass-Burn, Piles Brass Up Closer, Fits Standard Brass Deflector

    About $17 on Amazon 

    Not today pesky brass scratches. Not today.

    The Deflector Brake solves a number of common problems that face AR shooters. Flattened case mouths and dented brass cost time and money; Expensive paint/coatings immediately start to wear from getting hit with brass; Spent casings erratically fly all over including towards left handed shooters and at those next to you on the range. These common problems are all solved by the Deflector Brake.

    A8S Beam Adjustable 850nm Infrared IR Flashlight Light Night Vision Hunting Light Torch(It is not a Regular Light,Must Used with Night Vision Devices)

    About $37 on Amazon 

    For the aspiring poacher in your life.

    Spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on night vision equipment and then decide that an extra large $40 illuminator is the right way to top it off.

    • INVISIBLE IR HUNTING LIGHT:It is NOT a regular white flashlight for general lighting purpose. Utilizing Osram Oslon infrared light black 850nm LED emitter, it emits invisible but high power IR light with 5watt. You can only see a dim red glow on the LED while the light is on without night vision devices.
    • LONG RANGE ILLUMINATION:It can produce a powerful punch with approximately 180 yards with focused beam. The convex glass lens allows the light to be focused from a wide flood to a spot beam.
    • Only use one 18650 battery. Do not use cr123a batteries as they will damage the light.(Note:Please remember to remove the protected transparent sleeve on battery before using it.)
    • What you get: Adjustable IR flashlight x1,2600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery x1,single bay charger x1,universal scope mount x1,user manual x1

    Tactical Hunting Pistol Carbine Kit Engineering ABS Rail Base Loading Accessories for Quick Reload Magazine Glock G17 G18 G19 Series

    About $27 on Amazon 

    Not tactical, hunting or carbine related.

    G18 owners: Please report back with usefulness findings as soon as possible.

    • Carry an extra magazine for quick reload,Improve ammunition carrying capacit
    • 2 x 20mm RIS rail for addition of accessories,adjustable magazine tightness,fits under G-Series frame
    • Glock series rail base loading device compatible with TM&WE G17/18/19& clones GBB series.enough ammo loading
    • Made of engineering ABS plastic, sturdy polymer construction.Wearable and durable
    • Warranty Service – Purchase product from our store for 180 days warranty. If there are any quality problems, we guarantee 100% re-send or refund. Please feel free to contact us.

    Caldwell Accumax Barrel Cooler

    About $48

    “They call me the cold bore killer…”

    Caldwell makes some great kit, but this is one item I just don’t get.

    • Cools your barrel in half the time
    • Fits most tactical rifles
    • High pressure fan with dual motor bearings for long life
    • Powered by 12V li-ion rechargeable battery
    • 3-4 hour run time per charge

    Full-Auto Conversion Of The SKS Rifle

    About $156 (Priceless)

    Click the link, get on the list.

    Learn how to modify the rifle’s trigger assembly with simple hand tools, safely test the weapon for proper function and enjoy recreational full-auto fire. All BATF rules apply. This book is for academic study only! 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus., 80 pp.

    FIRECLUB 2019 Universal Tactical Pistol Scope Sight Polymer Light Weight Mount

    About $12 on Amazon



    Material: High Quality Plastic As far as we know, it works with s&w/1911/Glocks/Walther p22/HKp30/SD9VE/Kel Tec PMR 30. etc.

    Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Holder Case

    About $15 on Amazon 

    Nearly as bad as one of those CCW sashes.

    6″ x 4.25″ unfolded case with two windows for your concealed carry permit cards (maximum card size 2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″). Item folds for easy storage, can fit in most pockets. Made of Genuine Leather in Rochester, NY.

    Boston Red Second Amendment 2A Americans Premium Athletic Fit T Shirt

    About $20 on Amazon 

    Don’t bother, we already know what team you play on. The other one.

    (We love our friends at Downrange Apparel)

    • 100% Cotton
    • Athletic fit, 4.5 ounce ultra-soft 100% ringspun cotton
    • Pre-shrunk and laundered to reduce fading
    • 1×1 Ribbed crewneck, tear-away tag, double-needle tailoring
    • Designed and printed in Las Vegas, NV U.S.A.
    • Also available in Navy Blue, White, Charcoal Gray, and Royal Blue

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