TFB Exclusive: O.D. Green Valmet RK62 M3

    In 1965 the Finnish Army adopted the 7.62x39mm Valmet RK62, and it has been produced in volumes over 350,000 by Valmet and Sako in Finland.

    As with many “modern” firearms, the RK62s have been in need of upgrades and modernization, and after years of planning it is finally happening.

    One of the new versions is called the Valmet RK 62 M3. It is essentially like an RK 62 M2 but with OD Green Cerakote treatment (the best color!), muzzle brake and a silencer.

    Thanks to M.L., we got permission to use these exclusive pictures of the M3 version in the open.

    As you clearly see there is no silencer in these pictures, and it is because it was withheld on purpose.

    Below: Note the Surefire weapon light and the muzzle brake. The brake looks like a QD for the suppressor.

    And the opposite side. Miles of Picatinny rail for attachments.

    Below: The text on the stock reads: Magpul Industries Corp., and needs a riser to get the shooter’s eye in line with the sight. The Vertical Fore Grip looks like a Magpul product as well (above).

    Valmet RK 62 M3 – Similar to M2, but the coating is green, equipped with a silencer and a breach muzzle brake.

    Technical specifications (Source):

    • Calibre: 7.62 x 39 mm
    • Length: stock fully extended 95cm, stock short 86.5 cm
    • Weight: without a magazine inserted 4.1 kg, magazine fully loaded 0.8 kg (30 rds)
    • Rate of fire, semi-automatic: from 20 to 30 aimed shots per minute
    • Rate of fire, full-automatic: theoretical 700 rds/min, including magazine changes 120–180 rds/min
    • Bullet muzzle velocity: 715 m/s
    • Effective firing range: up to 300 m
    • Country of Manufacture: Finland, Sako/Valmet

    Below: As carried by a soldier. Note the Aimpoint Micro red dot.

    Below: That is a lot of added weight just to add a rather tiny Aimpoint Micro Red Dot. The Kalashnikov-like rifles really suffer on this point.


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    All pictures by Monte Legould, used with permission.

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