POTD: Dissident Arms Molot Vepr-12 and Kushnapup Saiga-12

    Photo Of The Day – today we look at some amazing magazine-fed Shotguns.

    Dissident Arms is a manufacturer which specializes in the Molot VEPR-12 shotguns. They make some really cool competition grade Molot Vepr-12 shotguns, among other things.

    TFB did an interview with one of their sponsored shooters, the 2018 World Shoot Shotgun winner Josh Froelich (USA).

    Dissident Arms posted this interesting setup on their Facebook, well worth of sharing.

    Customter wanted his NNS-14 to take the same Vepr-12 magazines as his Kushnapup Saiga-12.

    Did you know that we can do magwell conversations on almost any Saiga based shotgun?


    The Dissident Arms NNS-14 ELITE Tactical Shotgun is a 4,100 USD Shotgun Monster for competition in 3 Gun and IPSC Shotgun. I had the pleasure to try one out last year.

    The Kushnapup is a bullpup stock made exclusively to fit Saiga and Catamount Fury 1 and 2 shotguns. It is Made in the USA and meets 922r compliance.


    Check out these company links for more information: