[ADIHEX 2019] Intro and Some Eye Candy

    ADIHEX, the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, is an annual event towards the end of the, scorching hot, summer in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As the name implies, this is not firearms dedicated show, but the “hunting guns” area alone is usually worth a visit, if anything to understand what are the models which catch the interest of the local populations.

    The event is not only an exhibition, but also a trade show, offering a unique opportunity to allow firearm permit holders, UAE or Gulf Cooperation Council nationals, to purchase items otherwise not easily obtainable in this limited market.

    At ADIHEX, hunting rifles and shotguns are the most common models showcased by manufacturers and importers. A few pistols or long guns more geared towards target or recreational shooting are, however present, and so are plenty of eye catching collector pieces.

    We’ll see in separate articles few companies which somehow stood out, in the author’s humble opinion. Here we’ll just have a quick look at some photos taken with no other goal than documenting peculiar or rather uncommon firearms.

    Let’s call this the ADIHEX 2019 Photo Dump.

    Pistols from Hans Wrage & Co.

    A few photos of handguns of different brands only having in common a high collector’s value. Brought to ADIHEX by the German import/export company Hans Wrage & Co. GmbH.

    ADIHEX 2019: Beretta 92FS Fusion

    A Beretta 92FS Fusion. A modern looking yet high end edition of a military classic.

    ADIHEX 2019: A rotating display of three gold colored Korth PRS.

    A rotating display of three gold colored Korth PRS. This type of finish is not usually associated with classy tastes, but something in the shade and execution of these models makes everything work better than the typical HGFC submission. Here in front the 5″ model with barrel counterweight and walnut grip panels. It’s a pity they are all .45 ACP.

    ADIHEX 2019: A rotating display of three gold colored Korth PRS - 2.

    4″ barrel model with blue frame and white grip panels.

    ADIHEX 2019: A rotating display of three gold colored Korth PRS - 3.

    Last but not least, the 4.25″ barrel model in full “gold” and walnut.

    ADIHEX 2019: SIG X-Five Arabesque.

    Two ornate SIG P226 X-Five on rotating display. Visible on the left the “Arabesque” model, quite fitting for the location.

    ADIHEX 2019: SIG P226 X-Five Art Deco.

    SIG P226 X-Five “Art Deco”.

    Long Guns from MP3 International

    MP3 International is an Abu Dhabi based trading company specialized in firearms, from pistols to luxury hunting rifles and collectible classics.

    ADIHEX 2019: Sjogren Shotgun - 1.

    This was clearly something unusual…

    ADIHEX 2019: Sjogren Shotgun - 2.

    …the right side was not particularly helpful in the identification…

    ADIHEX 2019: Sjogren Shotgun - 3.

    …better uck on the left side. It happens to be a Sj√∂gren Inertia Shotgun, as promptly identified by Hrachya.

    ADIHEX 2019: Express Bolt Action.

    A not better identified luxury bolt action rifle.

    ADIHEX 2019: Ostrich Blaser R8.

    A straight pull bolt action Blaser R8, likely customized by the Blaser Custom Shop, with an ostrich skin wrap over most of the stock.

    ADIHEX 2019: Pietta PPS 50 .22 LR - 1.

    From the more down to Earth side of the booth, an unusual little carbine…

    ADIHEX 2019: Pietta PPS 50 .22LR - 2.

    …which looks to be a blow back semi-auto.

    ADIHEX 2019: Pietta PPS 50 .22 LR - 3.

    It’s a Pietta PPS 50 cal. .22 LR,,a scaled down replica, or better re-imagination, of the Russian PPSh-41 submachine gun. Not the first time Pietta moves away from cowboy replicas, indeed.

    Rifles from Blaser and John Rigby & Co.

    Blaser and Rigby, both part of the same holding, brought to ADIHEX a selection of luxury hunting rifles. Here we can see a few examples.

    ADIHEX 2019: Blaser K95.

    A single Shot Blaser K95 with windowed action.

    ADIHEX 2019: Blaser R8.

    Two engraved Blaser R8 with African theme and spectacular wooden furniture.


    ADIHEX 2019: Rigby Bolt Action Gold.

    A rather peculiar Rigby bolt action, with accessory kit, sporting a gold finish. It appears to be a Big Game model; the coating may not be the best choice to highlight the quality of the rifle.

    ADIHEX 2019: Rigby Bolt Action.

    A Rigby Highland Stalker model with more traditional, classy, finish.

    EVANIX from South Korea

    No actual firearms here, sorry, but interesting airguns from the Korean company EVANIX.

    ADIHEX 2019: EVANIX bullpup.

    A semi-auto model, cal 5.5 mm (.22) with aluminum stock and bullpup configuration.

    ADIHEX 2019: EVANIX manual.

    A manual model with traditional configuration and American black walnut stock. The .22 pellet can be shot to an energy of 60J (about 45 fpe) at the muzzle.

    This covers a brief Intro to the event, next we’ll see EDIC Caracal (UAE) and FBT (Austria) in more details. Stay tuned!

    Giorgio O

    Italian firearm enthusiast now living in an even more restrictive country, Giorgio has a passion for innovative or plainly unusual mechanical solutions. He’s also interested in manufacturing technologies with a recent focus on additive manufacturing.

    You can contact him at giorgio_o at zoho dot com and you’ll find him in the comments section as Giolli Joker.