New parts from Sterk Shooting for Tikka T1x & Sako Quad

    Last time we mentioned Sterk Shooting from “down under”, it was on the topic of Interesting Tikka T3 upgrades from Sterk Shooting.

    This time we take a look at their new upgrades for the Tikka T1x as well as the Sako Quad.

    The new parts released are as follows:

    Tikka T1x Swept Ball Handle

    Tikka T1x Titanium Pineapple Handle

    Tikka T1x Titanium Grooved Handle

    Tikka T1x TRG style Aluminium Shroud

    Tikka T1x Titanium Thread Protector

    Sako Quad Swept Ball Handle (just released)

    The T1x swept ball handle was a challenge and took 6 months of design and prototyping before it was manufactured via CNC machining and released onto the market.

    It has a very unique attachment method due to the bolt body having a tapped hole, rather than a dovetail fitting as per the T3/T3x.

    A similar attachment method has been used for the Sako Quad swept ball bolt handle.

    The T1x swept ball handle uses a 431 Stainless steel shaft and a 6061 Aluminium knob with a Cerakote Black finish.

    The knob is the same as the T3 version to ensure familiarity for those that have a Sterk swept ball handle on their T3 and T1x.

    The T1x Titanium bolt handles mate to the bolt body so they will not twist or unscrew. A Titanium screw is used inside the handle, similar to how the factory T1x handle attaches.

    The Sterk T1x TRG style bolt shroud is CNC machined from 7075 Aluminium with a Cerakote black finish. It is a direct replacement of the plastic factory shroud, and uses the existing red cocking indicator.

    Instructions are included with the T1x handles and shroud, as well as the required screws and allen keys.

    The Titanium thread protector is available in both ½” x 20TPI and ½” x 28TPI depending on what the standard is for the particular Country. It has a knurled outside for grip, and is finished in Cerakote black.

    The parts are available directly through Sterk Shooting, or through the following dealers:

    Tactical Works (US)

    Eurooptic (US)

    Delta Tactical (Australia/Worldwide)

    The prices may differ a little bit from dealer to dealer due to shipping, currencies and shipping but you should be able to find local pricing in any of those links.


    What do you think of the new products? Are they something you would consider for your Tikka T1x or Quad?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.