TFB Review: Type-A Rifle’s 10.5 AR Pistol

    In Michigan, it is illegal to have a rifle in your vehicle unless there’s a specific purpose for it. With the current laws, I often will carry a 10.5 AR pistol in my truck locked in a vehicle safe. Usually, this is with me when I am going on trips or long distances. I will also take a handgun but having something else to protect yourself is never a bad way to go.

    Type-A’s SPR 10.5 AR Pistol

    I have a few different AR pistols, but when I saw the Type-A pistol in a shop, I immediately picked up on the different look compared to others on the shelf. I thought about it for a few days and ultimately decided to buy one to run through its paces. Type-A products are made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Typically, Type-A guns and parts are priced in the higher end market. I wanted to check out what the AR pistol had to offer and after 4,200 rounds and 6 months later I have a better idea.

    My Type-A SPR 10.5 with a Silencerco Saker 556 suppressor.


    The model I picked up is the SPR 10.5 GEN3 A4. Starting out at the muzzle, the SPR 10.5 comes with Type-A’s new brake that looks like a traditional 3 chamber brake and a Q Cherry Bomb brake had a baby. The muzzle brake sits on a 10.5 inch 1-7 twist barrel. The SPR 10.5 also came with their SPR 9.875 MLOK hybrid handguard. The handguard has sections of MLOK in the middle and Picatinny rail sections at each end of the handguard. The upper and lower receivers are hand fitted individually so there’s little to no play between the upper and lower.

    Another obvious difference between most AR pistols and a Type-A is the flat faced trigger which comes standard on all models. The two stage trigger has a defined wall and clean break at 3.5 lbs with a very positive 1.5 lbs reset that has an audible click. The back of the pistol has one of SB Tactical’s new SBA4 braces on it that really brings the whole package together. From the tip of the barrel to the end of the buffer tube, the pistol is right at 25″ for overall length. There are models with the Law Tactical folders available as well if someone wants a shorter OAL when folded.

    Range Time

    Over the last 6 months, the SPR 10.5 AR pistol has gone with on the majority of trips and range sessions. I have run it in a couple carbine classes and really it has become a short workhorse of my ARs. When I first purchased the SPR 10.5, I drove to an indoor range and had to give it a spin. My first few shots were surprising since there was almost no movement or felt recoil. After some initial shooting, I set a rough zero on my Trijicon MRO and headed home.

    The SPR 10.5 comes with the brake as standard, but also had an H2 buffer in it. Having that heavier buffer in the system made the gun shoot extremely soft. So far, I have roughly 4,200 rounds through the SPR 10.5 with no issues or malfunctions to date. I did try a variety of ammo through the gun including Wolf 55 gr steel cased ammo and the Wolf Gold. I also had a variety of Federal and Hornady ammo I put through it as well. With Federal Gold Medal Berger 73gr ammo, I was shooting .75 MOA out of a 10.5 inch barrel.

    The short Type-A was impressive with a short barrel at distances. The SPR 10.5 did open up its groups but that is expected with such a short barrel. I reached out to Type-A rifles, and they guarantee all their guns to be sub MOA with match ammunition so accuracy is very important to Type-A. The trigger was consistent and really predictable when slowing down and going for accuracy. While running drills during classes, it was light and responsive so shots were easy to anticipate.

    Overall Impressions

    After spending as much time with the SPR 10.5 as I have, it really feels like something different for me. I have shot countless different AR rifles and pistols and with the different rail and upgrades that come standard, it feels like something fresh to other options on the market today. It may not be the cheapest option with an MSRP of $1599.99, but in a market with countless options, I think it’s refreshing for companies to take a different approach. I’ve had great luck with my SPR 10.5 at the range and really enjoy the unique design and lines on the SPR 10.5. I can hear some of you in the comments saying looks don’t matter on a gun, but if you’re spending a significant amount of money on something looks begin to matter.

    After 6 months of shooting the standard 5.56 model, I plan on buying the 10.5 308 variant and running that for a review later this year. I will keep you guys updated on how the SPR 10.5 556 version holds up over time and will do a 10,000 round count update down the road. Let me know what you guys think of the SPR 10.5 in the comments below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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