Retro Vertical Foregrip for the HK MP5 and B&T APC9

    Once upon a time, there was this Vertical Foregrip for the Heckler & Koch MP5K.

    If you are into the history of the Heckler & Koch MP5 I am sure you have seen it in pictures before.

    Now Custom Smith Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZ, has made the H&K Prototype VFG (Vertical Fore Grip) for the HK MP5K that never was.

    Some say the original prototype was made out of wood, but polymer is progress.

    I had a discussion with the owner of Custom Smith MFG and got some more information and the background of the project.

    The original prototype was created back in 1978. As he discovered pictures in a Facebook group he decided to make and offer them for that retro look. The grip has extra material in the rear to be able to accommodate as many clones as possible out there.

    You can remove material to fit it to your clone, as the product is out of solid Nylon12.

    He only had a photograph to go off, so creating a new version was a nice challenge.

    Looks like a nice fit.

    Below: Recreated it from a photograph, you can now get the HK MP5K retro VFG.

    Retro HK Prototype VFG for the MP5K

    Custom Smith has replicated a HK VFG that was only a prototype for the K version of the MP5. Originally made out of wood, this polymer reproduction is everything a collector would want.

    It is 100% solid polymer giving it a sturdy hold and look.


    Due to so many clones and manufacturers of the MP5K we added material in the inner rear to ensure a snug fit. Some material may be removed in order for some users to get the pin holes to line up. An Exacto blade is recommended to shave off little by little. Sanding can also be used.

    Please allow up to 1 week to process this order. This is a Special Order Item.

    This is a VFG (Vertical Forward Grip) All NFA Rules apply.

    The price is $99.00.


    B&T APC9


    I am pretty excited about this, as they have also made a CSM Limited Edition VFG for the B&T APC9.

    I would probably be a fool if I didn’t get it for my own B&T, just for fun.

    Created due to customers request to have the Retro HK MP5K VFG to be able to go on a B&T APC. This Vertical grip is solid and comfortable while giving protection to the hand.

    This VFG is 4.25″ long (rail length)

    These are created in limited batches and so shipping may be anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending on inventory.

    This is a Vertical Forward Grip and all NFA rules apply.

    SBR APC9 Pro


    Photos of this VFG are on a APC9 Pro that IS an SBR- however pictures taken show it with a BRACE – YOU CANNOT Put a VFG on a PISTOL. Again ALL NFA RULES APPLY.

    For good or bad, the B&T APC9 Pro gets a bit of that KRISS look with this VFG.

    The finish looks really good for a 3D printed product. I have some of the CSM products on my APC9 already (magwell and magazine extender), and the build quality and function are really good. 

    About Custom Smith Manufacturing

    Custom Smith MFG takes the latest 3D Printing technology and makes it available to the everyday customer. In today’s world waiting 4 weeks to see if a prototype part is right can make or break your business. We can have it ready and in your hands in days.

    In 2019 they invested in a ground breaking technology that allows us to make injection molded quality products without the need for a mold. They are now using the HP Multi Jet Fusion Manufacturing System.  This new system broadens their capabilities and enhances the look feel and strength of the products.


    I am sure there will be both lovers and haters of this product. Let it rip in the comments below.

    Are there any more retro accessories that you would like them to build?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.