Rifle World Shoot 2019 Sweden – Part II

    Over a period of time, we share pictures, results and stories from Rifle World Shoot 2019.

    All the pictures are courtesy of Chris Jonkers of Studio BOJO.

    Dynamic Sports Shooting originated in the United States in the 1950s. World Championships in IPSC are held every three years and this year Sweden was the host country.

    The match was located at Villingsbergs Military Shooting Range, a huge area in the middle of Sweden.

    To travel by car from the military checkpoint to stage 1, which was the furthest, took almost 45 minutes. Walking was out of the question in this match. This gives you an idea of the size of the area.

    There were 30 stages, and the competitors shot 6 stages per day over 5 days (sometimes with a free day in between)


    Below: Lena Miculek at stage 5, which was pretty difficult with mini targets in the forest out to 80 yards.

    Top image and below: Team H&K Norway in one of the best run ‘n gun stages.

    Below: Stage 6 sponsored by 5.11 Tactical. US Ladies Team with one Swede.

    Below: This is Joe Farewell of Team USA. He runs Farewell Firearms Training.

    Below: Electronic scoring with tablets was introduced in IPSC for the first time in a large competition.

    Below: Russian Lady shooter with a white ADC AR15 (Made in Italy).

    Below: Pia Clerté from Sweden finished within the Top 10 ladies overall. This is from stage 4, which included a lot of off-hand shooting as well as running. The targets were up to 70-80 yards away, but full-sized.

    Below: A Swedish Shooter on the dreaded Moose.

    Below: Russian shooter on the Moose. The targets are only half in width and at a distance of about 60-70 yards. You had to lean out to reach even the Charlie target zone.

    Below: One or two trees were cut down by bullets. Timber!

    38 countries were represented at World Shoot Rifle with over 600 participants. The USA had about 35 of their top shooters in the competition.

    Please visit https://rws2019.com/ for information.

    Eric B

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