POTD: SAKO TRG M10 of the Slovenian Police Snipers

    The Slovenian Police Snipers wish to remain out of the picture and anonymous in Today’s Photo Of The Day.

    But they have recently officially adopted the SAKO TRG M10 in caliber .308 Win, and are proud of the fact. They are also using the brand new TRG  22A1.

    The scope is a Schmidt & Bender 3-27×56 Highpower, with the reticle Tremor 2.

    You can also see the B&T Industries ATLAS bipods as well as the ASE Utra S series SL7i-BL suppressor.

    A few words about the Sako sniper rifles:

    TRG 22 A1

    The Sako TRG 22 A1 & 42 A1 are robust precision instruments made for one specific task: hit the target – whatever it takes. The 2018 models are taken to the next level with brand new features inspired by our flagship model TRG M10.

    TRG M10

    A bolt-action sniper rifle that is available in multiple calibers, manually operated and shoulder-fired, as well as magazine-fed. It has a high-capacity magazine and fully adjustable stock that make it a multi-functional system in a single weapon, suitable for many different situations.

    Many thanks for this private photo.