Coming Soon: Pietta to Release 3 New Single Actions

    Pietta 1873 SAA 4.75"

    Not one of the upcoming revolvers, but likely close. Pietta 1873 SAA 4.75". Image Credit: Pietta Firearms.

    Fabbrica Armi Fratelli Pietta, F.A.P. or, better, Pietta Firearms is lately particularly active in offering new variations of their Single Action Army models replicas. Distributed in the USA by the Early and Modern Firearms Company (EMF), Pietta revolvers are regarded among the most faithful reproductions of the Colt originals. Here the company is teasing us with the upcoming release of 3 new models, similar in the main features but different in several details.

    Here is the full press release:

    (Gussago, Italy) Pietta Firearms, manufacturer of the finest historical and modern firearms, known for its craftsmanship, quality and dependability is anticipating 2020 to be one of their best years in the United States. After seeing a huge increase in demand and entering into more retail stores, the demand for even more single action pistols is at an all-time high. In Q4 of 2019, Pietta will be unveiling three new models to their Great Western II Series; The U.S. Marshall, The Gunfighter, and the Model “R”. All new single actions are a tribute to some of the most widely used and recognized guns of the “Old West”.

    Featuring unequivocal craftmanship and ingenuity, the U.S. Marshall could be considered two pistols in one. It’s available in .45lc with a free, .45 ACP drop-in cylinder. With a blued finish, handcrafted wooden grips, and a 4.75” barrel length, Pietta designed the U.S. Marshall to be as true to the original as possible.

    Retailers and consumers alike have requested the Model “R” from Pietta for years. This pistol is a tribute to “The Duke”, with an original finish, a 4.75” barrel, and available in .45lc. Even the most discriminating Duke fan will truly appreciate this highly anticipated pistol.

    One cannot mention the “Old West” without mentioning the numerous and notorious gunfighters. Pietta researched and developed the most “true-to-original” and most commonly carried pistol of the gunfighter. The Gunfighter is available in two calibers; .45lc and .357mag. Its design features black checkered grips, a 4.75” barrel, blued body and brass finishes.

    “We are very excited about introducing these three new pistols,” said Alessandro Pietta, Vice President of Pietta Firearms. “The design and development of these pistols stemmed from our love and genuine passion for the Old West. These pistols will fit very well in a collection, but they also perform extremely well and are really a joy to shoot.”

    All three pistols will be “officially” unveiled at this years NASGW Show in Orlando, FL. Pre-orders are available now.

    EMF/Pietta U.S. Marshal

    The current EMF U.S. Marshall from the EMF/Pietta Great Western II product line. Image Credit: EMF.

    The U.S. Marshall, with its additional cylinder, seems a particularly interesting offer for whoever wants some more flexibility out of their “Peacemaker”. Moreover, it proves the point that, unlike .38 Special in a .357 Magnum chamber, .45 ACP cannot be shot out of a .45 Colt single action cylinder. This is because the lack of a rim (not an issue for extraction in these revolvers) does not allow reliable headspacing in the longer .45 Colt chamber.

    Photos from EMF and Pietta websites.

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