POTD: Australian 2nd Commando Regiment

    Australian Army soldiers from 2nd Commando Regiment with M4A5 (Australian Department of Defence) photo: CPL Kyle Genner

    Today’s Photo Of The Day features Australian Army soldiers from the 2nd Commando regiment conducting in a training exercise with their M4A5 rifles.

    In this photograph, taken by CPL Kyle Genner, we see Australian Army Commandos conducting in a series of counter-terrorism exercises earlier this year in May or 2019. On close inspection, we can see this Commando equipt with an M4A5 rifle with a Troy Industries Alpha Rail and an Aimpoint T1 Micro red dot sight, as well as an HK USP Tactical and what appears to be a SOG Seal Pup knife? Australian Special Forces typically use M4 variants over the standard Australian Army issue Enhanced F88 rifle. An interesting note, there also appears to be an unusual rubber band tied around the magazine and connected to the trigger guard, perhaps somebody in the comments can let us know why!

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