Sneak Peek: Sharps Bros HEATSEEKER Chassis For Howa 1500 Mini Actions

    Sharps Bros HEATSEEKER Chassis For Howa 1500 Mini Actions

    Sharps Bros published a video on their social media pages, where John Sharps, the owner of the company, shows the prototype of an upcoming new product – the Heatseeker aluminum chassis for Howa 1500 Mini Action barreled actions. Let’s see what unique features Sharps Bros brings to the market of bolt action rifle chassis.

    The Heatseeker chassis is compatible with AR-15 grips, buffer tubes and stocks. One of the key features of this chassis is that when the barreled action is installed, the bore axis is in-line with the stock axis and the bolt runs in-line with the buffer tube axis, not over it. That allows using standard AR-15 stocks without a need for a cheek riser. Another interesting design solution is that the Heatseeker is compatible with SIG Sauer MPX handguards that are attached to the chassis via an HK G3/MP5 lower/handguard pin (the small HK pin). To learn more about the features of the Heatseeker chassis watch the mentioned Sharps Bros video which you can find embedded below.

    The Howa 1500 Mini Action chassis will be the first product in the Sharps Bros bolt-action rifle chassis line. The company plans to introduce an entire line of such chassis for different action lengths and barreled actions. Particularly, in the foreseeable future, we should see a similar product made for Howa short action as well as a version of this chassis compatible with the Ruger American Rifle.
    Howa 1500 Mini Action can be currently purchased in one of the following caliber options: .223 Remington, .300 Blackout, 7.62x39mm, and 6.5mm Grendel. What caliber option will make the most desirable rig for you when combined with the Heatseeker chassis and why? What do you like the most in the Heatseeker design? Sound off in the comments section. And stay tuned to learn about the release of this chassis.

    Images by Sharps Bros
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