Eliminate Your AR Build Worries with Rosco’s new “Sauce Pack” Bundles

    If you’ve ever assembled an AR at home you’ll understand how important part fitment is. If you combine your favorite parts from one company with your favorite parts from another company, they may not work all that well together. Going through a build for weeks or months only to have it malfunction or flat out not work on your first range trip with it can be frustrating. Rosco Manufacturing is here to eliminate those feelings of frustration.

    rosco BCG

    Rosco Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories. They are now proud to announce their newly released “Sauce Pack” product bundles. To provide you with the best functionality out of your build, they’ve paired up their “Bloodline” barrels with their accessories of the same name to give you the build you want – that works.

    These “Sauce Pack” bundles were born out of customer requests to be provided with the important pieces needed for their pistol and carbine builds at a competitive price. Each “Sauce Pack” bundle comes with a Bloodline Barrel,  Bloodline Gas tube, and Gas Block as well as a Bloodline Bolt Carrier Group.

    rosco Gas tube and Gas block

    This hand-picked list of parts will produce impressive results directly from the box to the firing line. The Sauce Packs claim uncompromised function as they are specifically designed to work together.

    In addition to the top of the line performance, each bundle, each pack is handsomely priced. This creates a great fusion of quality parts that will work straight from the package. This also comes with the added benefit of not making your wife mad about your latest build.

    “These components are designed to work perfectly when used together as part of a complete “ignition” system. The parts work to enhance the operation of any carbine/ pistol build that the end user has planned.” – Gabriel Cabrera (Marketing/ Sales Director).

    rosco gas block

    Sauce Pack Pricing and Availability

    All “Sauce Packs” as well as other products from Rosco Manufacturing can be found on their website www.RoscoManufacturing.com

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