POTD: Remington/Bushmaster ACR Stock Adapter for AK Rifles

    POTD SAG Remington ACR Stock Adapter for AK Rifles (3)

    Sureshot Armament Group published these photos of a deactivated AK-12 rifle fitted with a Remington/Bushmaster ACR stock via the adapter they made. Actually, this is not an AK-12-specific adapter and it will work with any AK side folder rear trunnion with a 5.5mm hinge pin.

    POTD SAG Remington ACR Stock Adapter for AK Rifles (2)

    One little tradeoff is¬†that when the stock is deployed, the cheekpiece won’t allow disassembling the rifle. So you’ll need to fold the stock to be able to remove the receiver top cover and disassemble the gun. To me, that’s not a huge issue. I can live with that in exchange for having the functionality and overwhelmingly cool look of the ACR stock on my AK.
    The adapter is still a prototype, but as they told me, they plan to make at least one batch and list on their website. The MSRP should be around $110. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when it becomes available.
    Would you swap your AK side folder with an ACR stock or do you think “nyet, the rifle is fine”? Sound off in the comments section.

     Images by Sureshot Armament Group

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