Magnum Research Offers Gallery of Guns Exclusive Desert Eagle

    Magnum Research Desert Eagle Black and Titanium Gold, Gallery of Guns Exclusive. Image Credit: Magnum Research

    It’s again one of those times of the year when the Desert Eagle’s eggs hatch. Again, as per tradition, the livery of the newborns shows a certain degree of boldness. Overall, the black and gold combination we have here appears somewhat less aggressive than other options. Definitely, Magnum Research knows the tastes of its customer base, and our very own HGFC series shows that the OEM still has better judgment.

    This model, exclusive for Gallery of Guns, is offered on the most recent aluminum alloy frame version, which features a full Weaver style accessory rail in front of the trigger guard. The Titanium Gold accents are likely obtained by a Titanium Nitride coating, an extremely durable finish which won’t easily come off even if you’ll run practical shooting matches with the handgun.

    The full press release is here below:

    Magnum Research Introduces Exclusive Black and Titanium Gold Desert Eagle

    (Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to introduce the Black and Titanium Gold Desert Eagle exclusively for

    The Black and Titanium Gold Desert Eagle features a beautifully designed construction of a classic iconic firearm. It has a black aluminum frame and a black oxide slide. The barrel, appointments, and magazine baseplate are Titanium Gold. (Titanium Gold appointments include safety screws, safety levers, hammer housing, hammer, barrel lock, pin, magazine catch pin, slide catch, barrel lock, magazine catch, trigger and rear sight). The brilliant contrast between the black and gold finishes offer a unique visual appearance while maintaining the quality and durability that is standard with Magnum Research Desert Eagle pistols.

    The Black and Titanium Gold Desert Eagle (DE50BATG) is a special production model Desert Eagle that is offered exclusively through Please visit their website for more information or to order.

    Desert Eagle Black and Gold, back view.

    Magnum Research Desert Eagle Black and Titanium Gold, Gallery of Guns Exclusive. Image Credit: Magnum Research.

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