JDI Firearms, Inc/SAN Imports Signs Import Agreement with France’s PGM Precision

    PGM Precision

    JDI Firearms/SAN Imports have become the US importers of PGM Precision’s line of precision and sniper rifles. PGM Precision are one of France’s last major manufacturers of sniper rifles, producing the Hécate series used by the French military.

    PGM Precision offer a range of rifles available in a variety of calibres including 6.5 Creedmore, 7.62x51mm, .338 Lapua Magnum and up to .50 BMG. They recently launched a more compact version of their .50 calibre rifle, the Mini Hecate II.

    French Soldiers with an HK417 and a Hécate II

    Here’s JDI Firearms/SAN Imports’ announcement in full:

    JDI Firearms/SAN Imports, exclusive importer of SAN Swiss Arms and Wyssen Defence, is proud to announce an agreement has been signed with PGM Precision of France. Under this agreement, JDI Firearms/SAN Imports will be importing, marketing, and educating the U.S. market of civilians, law enforcement, and military on the complete line of PGM Precision bolt-action sniper rifles.

    “We at JDI Firearms/SAN Imports are excited to bring these first-class, precision sniper rifles to the American public and competitors, law enforcement, and military professionals,” Dave Wagner, President of JDI Firearms/SAN Imports, commented. “PGM Precision has been designing and manufacturing sniper rifles for the international market for over 25 years and has an outstanding reputation for quality, accuracy, and precision.”

    PGM Precision was founded in the French Alps in 1993. Within two years of its founding, PGM Precision had won a French Army tender for the 12.7 Hecate 2 rifles to equip all French infantry regiments and special forces. Since then, PGM has continued to design and expand the Hecate rifle, introduce the PGM338 and the Ludis, the first rifle specially developed for sport shooters. At the 2018 Eurosatory, PGM Precision introduced the Mini Hecate 2.

    JDI Firearms/SAN Imports will be importing the full line of PGM Precision rifles including the Ultima Ratio, Hecate 2 (LE/Mil restricted), PGM338, Ludis and Mini Hecate 2, plus a line of high-quality precision and long-range shooting accessories. MSRP starts at $4,850 for the Ludis and $6,400 – $7,400 for the Ultima Ratio and $9,050 for the Mini Hecate 2.

    Check out PGM Precision’s US website here and JDI Firearms/SAN Imports’ here.

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