SIG Faceoff – SIG P365 vs X-Compact vs P365 XL

Matt E
by Matt E

So, I’ve had a fair bit of questions about what firearm I would carry if given the chance between the regular P365 and the P365 XL. Don’t worry you’ll get a definitive answer on that question later on, but I had to include the X-Compact as a twist because not many people see how capable the gun is for the size. If you haven’t watched TFB TV’s review of the P365 XL, I highly suggest you check that out. I was expecting to have the same conclusion James thought he would have and I was wrong just like he was. Keep in mind, this is not a guide to go out and buy a gun based on what I write. I always encourage people to get out and try guns to build their own thoughts rather than trust what some random dude on the internet says is cool.

The P320 X-Compact

When I first heard of the X-Compact, I thought it was just another variation of the P320 X-Series and didn’t have high expectations for it. Shooting the X-Compact completely changed my opinion and I basically fell in love with it after the first magazine. The X-Compact feels different from most compact handguns because it’s considerably smaller than a Glock 19 or CZ P10C. It has the same capacity as its larger competitors but has a much smaller footprint when conceal carrying it under a shirt. The X-Compact is the largest handgun out of the three, but it’s by far the most enjoyable to shoot at the range and hands down the easiest to control.

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The sights are the SIG X-Ray Tritium night sights that come standard on most Legion series pistols with a large front dot and blacked out rear sights. It’s already cut for a SIG optic and is the only handgun out of the three that has a standard Picatinny rail attachment. It will take an assortment of lights on the market and I ran the X-Compact a bit with an Inforce APLc. It was a compact light for the gun but something like a Surefire XC1 would be equally capable as well.

The P365 XL

The P365 XL is by far the newest variant in SIG’s concealed carry lineup and it definitely has a valid place in the 365 family line. The specs are a bit bigger and 2 ounces heavier, but the feel of the gun completely changes with the slight difference in grip and slide length. It is much flatter shooting than the standard P365 and I shot consistently better with the XL than the standard P365. The XL is easier to handle because it has a larger grip and as a result, the shooter can get a full grip purchase on the firearm. The longer slide also gives the shooter a longer sight radius which contributes to better accuracy.

I took all three guns out for a range session the other day and put around 500 rounds through each model. The 500 rounds through the XL were controllable and surprisingly accurate for the overall size of it. The flat trigger feels good and has a shorter take up than the standard model, and the sights are really easy to use with the XL. It had very clean brass with consistent extraction patterns and distance. I really enjoyed the prolonged range session with the SIG P365 XL and can easily see why there is so much buzz about the firearm.

P365 (Left) X-Compact (Center) and P365 XL (Right)

The Standard P365

So this is more like a recap than an actual write up of the P365. I wrote up my 18 months later review last month and the gun has run flawlessly for me. I have a very early version of the gun and its exact birthday is January 28th, 2018. The gun has spent a ton of time on my hip in an IWB holster during the summers and it has always been 100% reliable with all types of ammo for me. Even though the gun is relatively small for its capacity, the P365 is one of the most controllable shooting handguns for its size group.

Personally, the P365 is easier to shoot than something like the Glock 43 or Ruger LC9 but that’s just my opinion. It may be the least controllable of the three options on this list, but the P365 can still put impressive size groups down on paper for me at 7 yards. I don’t think there is anything on the market that’s easier to conceal when wearing summer clothing, which is really convenient when it’s hot out.

Overall Thoughts

So what’s my recommendation? That’s a tricky question to answer if I’m honest. I love the size of the XL and it’s a great shooting gun from the rounds I’ve put through it so far. If I didn’t own anything yet, I would have to go with the P365 XL over the other two just because it does everything really well. It has 12 rounds as the standard capacity and the 15 round extended magazines are an option as well. I really enjoyed shooting it over an afternoon.

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Now the issue I run into is the fact I already own a P365 and it’s been an amazing companion for me over the last year and a half. I plan on buying another smaller framed handgun for concealed carry and if I’m honest, I can’t stop thinking about the X-Compact. It shoots fantastic in my hands and I really liked how capable it is for the size. I think the P365 XL is a great handgun but personally, the X-Compact is what I plan on buying next. Let me know what you guys think of your examples of these guns in the comments below. If you have a question feel free to message me on my Instagram page @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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Matt E

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  • Branden shaffer Branden shaffer on Aug 10, 2019

    The people that make a huge deal about bore axis hight are the people that have learned everything they know about firearms from youtube. They just regurgitate anything their favorite YT star says. If they would get from behind the computer screen and actually get behind the trigger. They would see that it's not nearly as big of a deal as it's made out to be. We are talking about 9mm here and tons of other people can string together very good rapid fire groups with the p320 and p365. So can you just not handle the recoil ? Do you need someone to show you proper grip and stance.? Don't believe me just go look on youtube.

  • Grendel Medlord Grendel Medlord on Aug 11, 2019

    Reading this article caused me to have flashbacks to 8th grade when we had to review other students papers.