New World Record by Gould Brothers: Clay Pigeons Shot at 160 Yards with а Shotgun

    New World Record by Gould Brothers Clay Pigeons Shot at 160 Yards with Shotgun (1)

    Gould Brothers have published a new video of another unbelievable trick shot and world record. We’ve already seen them setting new world records such as shooting 8 clay targets in the air with the shotgun held upside down over the shooter’s head or an even more jaw-dropping trick shot when they were busting clay pigeons in the air with a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle at a 300-yard distance. The new world record that we’ll talk about today is a long-range clay shooting record with a shotgun and birdshot.

    According to Gould Brothers, the existing record for such a shot was 130 yards. As you will see in the below-embedded video, not only they matched that record but set several new ones by increasing the distance in 10-yard increments up to 160 yards stretching the capabilities of the weapon and ammunition to their limits.

    Note how much time it takes for the birdshot to reach the target at these extreme distances. Also, it should be quite tricky to figure out the moment you should pull the trigger, the point of aim, the trajectory of the birdshot cloud and where it will intersect with the flight path of the clay target. As Gould Brothers mention at the end of the video, this is purely a trick shot and should not be practiced on the game. At those distances, the birdshot pellets barely have enough energy to break the target and they should not be capable of cleanly taking a bird. Another interesting aspect to note is that they got the best results from an improved modified Briley choke tube rather than from a full or extra full choke as one could expect.

    New World Record by Gould Brothers Clay Pigeons Shot at 160 Yards with Shotgun (1)

    As mentioned in the video, the gear they used was a Winchester SX3 Long Beard semi-auto shotgun, Vortex StrikeFire II red dot sight, Briley choke tubes and Winchester Rooster XR ammunition loaded with 1-3/4 oz of #5 shot.

    Tell us in the comments section what is your personal long-range clay shooting record. Choke tubes of what constriction have you been most successful with at long ranges?

    Images from Gould Brothers YouTube channel.

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