Shooters Cleanse Yourselves! Otis Lead Remover Hand Wipes

    Every shooter knows that the sport can lead to a significant build-up of lead on your hands. In addition, unburnt powder and other harmful chemicals can find their way onto your hands through cleaning. These new hand wipes from Otis Technology might be a great addition to your range bag.

    Anyone who handles firearms or ammunition frequently should take lead exposure seriously and Otis has made it fast and easy to remove dangerous particulates from your hands and body. Even if your range or hunting trip is a long trip away from proper wash facilities, these wipes can fulfill the task adequately before handling food.

    dirty hands

    Lead exposure is an unavoidable side-effect of handling firearms but proper washing can eliminate the health risks.

    Otis Technology is most well known for its gun cleaning equipment and products. They now also offer a line of skincare products centered on removing lead from your hands.

    The company’s new Lead Remover Hand Wipes containers fit easily into a backpack or range bag. Instead of a trip to the washroom, you can remove lead that has accumulated on your hands and other exposed skin after shooting, and the disposable wipes also serve as a quick way to clean your hands and gear when processing game in the field.

    Hand-wipe canister

    The Lead Remover wipes come in a 40-count canister that is small enough to fit in most range bags

    Personally, these come to mind after a day at the range where I’d pick up a lot of brass. Everything from dirt, lead, unburnt powder to lead particles can end up on your hands. I’ve become accustomed to using these types of wipes after a range or reloading session. Frequent washing and cleaning will keep the risks of lead exposure as low as possible.

    Individual wipes

    Individually wrapped wipes for smaller range bags or even your pockets.

    So if you’re looking to add a new piece of inexpensive yet useful gear to your range bag. These new wipes are inexpensive ($10.99 per 40 count canister) so there’s no excuse for not having some on-hand. Whether that be for your next range or hunting trip or just keeping them around the garage for convenience, they’ll be sure to keep your trigger finger squeaky clean.

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