TFB Top Picks: Gun Travel Tips For Summer Vacations

    Gun Travel Tips

    In America, John and Jane Q. Public work 40+ hours a week for a whole year in the hopes of enjoying two weeks on a sandy beach or the dockside of a lake. Of course, once the Public family actually arrives on vacation, the humidity, family bickering, bugs, crowds and humidity will make them yearn for the peace and quiet of cubicle life (yes, I said humidity twice). Nonetheless, memories will be made and fun will be had. For many TFB readers, going on vacation means a new set of routines for concealed carry. This week’s post on packing in National Parks made me want to share my gun travel tips in the hopes of perfecting a more safe and efficient means for carrying a firearm on vacation.

    TFB Top Picks: Gun Travel Tips For Summer Vacations

    1) I hate ankle holsters: the thought of having to kneel or ballet kick in a use-of-force situations is a dizzying prospect. But in the choice between no gun and gun in an ankle holster, I’ll pick that foot-wrist rig every time. I’ve included my favorite setup from DeSantis below because it is padded for comfort, has a thumb break for security and its made of tough leather. Mine has lasted a decade without an issue.

    2) Suitcases: I have an unhealthy obsession with Pelican Cases. If you told me I could build a cabin out of stacked Pelican Cases I’d ask when I could start moving in furniture. They are light (especially the Air series) durable and have reinforced locking points that can prevent nosy kids or the random snatch-n-grab.

    Don’t forget to check out Deviant Ollam’s series on TFB about flying with guns and physical security.

    Couple the right-sized Pelican with a braided cable and a padlock or two and you can improvise a travel safe for hotel rooms or rental cars. Minivans and SUV’s are great, except for when it comes to secure trunk storage.  Use two locks and a long cable to store your gun or other valuables before heading into a bar or restaurant. Don’t forget to check your local regulations on the proper storage of firearms in conveyances – some cities/states have laws about loaded versus unloaded storage.

    3) EDC accessories. We will go into the best flashlights and knives another time, but an important piece of kit that comes with me on all vacations is an Immediate First Aid Kit (IFAK) or Trauma Kit, of which an approved tourniquet is the cornerstone of life-saving gear. Editor-In-Chief Emeritus Doc Rader has a fantastic look at some of the best IFAK AND tourniquets on the market. Take a look. I’ve included one of his top choices below.

    4) Lastly, take your brain. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can switch off your good decision making skills. Stay out of bad areas, drink at least one less beer than you planned, stay out of dangerous waters and no one rides the mechanical bull for eight seconds. No one.

    Be safe everyone. We’ll still be here while you all are out having fun, so feel free to check in between activities.

    Gun Travel Tips: Pelican Air 1535 Case No Foam – $195

    Gun Travel Tips: Pelican 1170 Case – $50

    Gun Travel Tips: Lumintrail 4 Foot Luggage Lock Safety Cable (4 Pack) – $11

    Gun Travel Tips: Master Lock 178D Padlocks – $9

    Gun Travel Tips: Desantis Die Hard Ankle Rig

    Gun Travel Tips: NAR Tourniquet

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