These New AR Pistol Braces prove that ATF Line Stepping is Alive and Well

    Everyone knows keeping your butt clean can be difficult and time-consuming. With all the options out there for pistol braces, it is reassuring to know that Dirty J Designs are thinking forward and designing accessories for all of the AR pistol builders out there. They’ve got your back, or more to the point, your butt with their new Pistol Brace “Devoid Plug.”

    plug back

    Dirty J is offering 3D printed “butt plugs” that will help keep your pistol brace in shape and free of debris while your arm isn’t strapped inside of it. The plug also provides the normally flimsy rubber sides with a more rigid shape like a blade-style stabilizer brace so it can be used that way.

    Pistol Brace Plug Left Side

    Dirty J Designs offers 3D printed solutions for several action sports and it seems like they’re now getting into the firearms field with their “Devoid Plugs” being their first foray into the firearms accessory industry.

    Each of the devoid plugs is 3D printed using TPU plastic, often found used in phone cases. 3D printing has allowed Dirty J Designs to offer plugs for almost every brace currently on the market. Dirty J claims that the TPU plastic is “nearly indestructible.” So the plug itself is sure to hold up with the rest of your rig, provided you aren’t using it like a sledgehammer.

    Plug Variety

    Dirty J Designs offers devoid plugs that fit almost all current pistol brace models available.

    However, the TPU plastic does look relatively “rough” when compared to injection molded plastics, owning to its 3D printed nature. This is more than made up for by its more than affordable $20 price point.

    Now before you go fill your cart with butt plugs be in mind that Dirty J Designs is still awaiting confirmation from the ATF as to whether or not this modification to a brace is legal on registered pistols. So unless you want ATF agents at your doorstep asking you where you hid the butt plug then it’s probably best to stick with your standard pistol brace for now.


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