Sub compact guns for concealed carry are great for many reasons. However they are often limited in terms of options for adding lights or lasers. There are some mediocre options out there but the Glock 43 TLR-6 keeps your sub compact pistol svelte while still giving you the benefits of having a weapon mounted light and laser.

    Lights, Lasers, Action!

    The Streamlight TLR-6 is a simple design but is rather modular for Streamlight to manufacture. The light/laser module is a fixed design. All Streamlight has to do is design the clamshell that wraps around the trigger guard for various different pistols.

    Glock 43 TLR-6 exposed

    Since the TLR-6 does wrap around the trigger guard they are model specific. It just so happens that the Glock 42 and 43 share the same dimensions of trigger guard so it works for either gun. And I suspect it will work for the Glock 48 and other similar single stack variant 9mm Glocks.

    The TLR-6 is powered by two CR-1/3N Lithium batteries which last for 1 hour. The run time is not great but this is for a CCW pistol. How often are you actually using the light and laser? Sure practicing with it helps but know that a light and laser of this size will compromise something and in this case it is the run time. Streamlight does sell replacement batteries for the TLR-6 which come in a two pack for about $5 or less online. That is not a terrible price. I thought I would prefer a USB rechargeable solution but there is always the fear that the battery will eventually die. Add on top the fact that most of the USB rechargeable lights do not have replaceable batteries. So it is a small sacrifice to have to keep replacing the CR-1/3N Lithium batteries every hour of accumulative use.

    You can see that the Glock 43 TLR-6 is rather slim. It is narrower than the slide. Perfect for concealed carry.

    I would have preferred the laser to be positioned above the light for two reasons. First, the laser will be closer to the barrel reducing height under bore issues. Second, the lens of the light will be further from the barrel reducing muzzle blast coating it.

    Shooting With The Glock43 TLR-6

    The TLR-6 body has ambidextrous activation buttons allowing you to use either hand and still activate the light. Just reach forward with your index finger to press the side button. Pushing both buttons simultaneously will change modes. You can have laser, light, or both laser and light at the same time.

    Streamlight’s website states that beam distance is 89 meters. I did not find that to be accurate. On paper that might be based off lux but it is not real world results. I found the Glock 43 TLR-6 light to be best suited for USPSA distances – 20 yards or closer.

    At just 100 lumens this light is not going to be searing retinas but that is not what it was designed for. Given the practical distance this light functions, it is more for positively identifying your target. As a former guy behind the gun counter, I always advocated customers to get a light on their handguns. Night sights are neat but they are not as important as being able to see and identify your target.

    At this distance, the light just barely illuminates the car.


    Walk Softly And Carry A Gun With A Light & Laser

    The TLR-6 is tiny. It only weighs 1.2 ounces. It comes in either black or FDE because the Glock 43 comes in those colors.

    Here is what the Glock 43 TLR-6 looks like without the extended magazine and threaded barrel.

    Due to the design of the Glock 43 TLR-6, I do not recommend removing it unless you really have to. The housing does not maintain zero if you remove it and reinstall the TLR-6 back onto the Glock 43 trigger guard. One nice design aspect is the three screws that sandwich the housing around the trigger guard use the same Allen key required for adjusting windage and elevation. I dislike laser designs that use different sized tools.

    The TLR-6 is quite affordable at a retail price under $130. The light won’t really blind your target but it will help you to identify your target. Lasers on pistols may seem like an unnecessary accessory but they have their uses. You can aim your pistol without being behind the sights if your laser is zeroed properly. In some cases, I found it faster to aim the laser than aiming a red dot.

    If you have a Glock 43 or 42 I would recommend getting a TLR-6 to augment your ability to shoot in low light. Streamlight makes TLR-6 for a wide variety of small pistols. Check out the compatibility list on their website to see if your pistol can use a TLR-6. For more information on the TLR-6 go to Streamlight’s website.

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