[TriggrCon 2019] LIT Laser 3D Fiber Laser

    One company I was not expecting to be at TriggrCon 2019 was LIT Laser. LIT Laser is not a firearm company but many people use their fiber lasers for firearm marking.

    For those not familiar with the different laser engravers out there, there are two common types. CO2 or Fiber laser. CO2 lasers are the more affordable option. They can cut and engrave soft materials like wood, paper, and plastic. Here are some examples I did back in Pittsburgh.

    I designed and built a wooden Kriss Vector replica

    The bolt works just like the real Vector.

    I laser stippled my Glock back in 2014.

    With regards to firearms a CO2 laser can engrave and remove anodizing but it is not powerful enough to etch into metal.

    My Salient Arms lower with custom Salient panda laser engraved with a CO2 laser that I did.

     Fiber Laser For Real Firearm Engraving

    I came across LIT Laser from a local guy, Steve Mitts, offering up laser engraving. Having dabbled a little in laser firearm marking I inquired about his services. I was pleased to learn Steve has a fiber laser. He has since helped me customize some guns and accessories.

    What sets Fiber lasers apart from CO2 lasers is partially the power but also the wavelength and pulse of the lasers. Fiber can etch metal and bleach pigment out of polymer like PMAGs. Here are some projects I did with Steve’s help.

    Fiber lasers can bleach out the pigment rather than burn away material. Giving you the ability to permanently mark polymer like PMAGs with high contrast. The only way to achieve this with CO2 would be to paint a PMAG and engrave the paint away.

    Laser engraved my LifeCard to resemble Transformers G1 Ravage.

    Made some laser engraved aluminum cards for TFB staff last SHOT Show.

    While fiber lasers are not really new, what LIT Laser showed is something new at TriggrCon 2019. Just like a CO2 laser, fiber lasers are relatively two dimensional. You can only engrave flat surfaces. You can get fancy with a rotary tool to engrave a cylindrical object. But you typically cannot engrave complex shapes. Well, that has changed at LIT Laser with their 3D fiber laser.

    desktop 3D fiber laser

    With LIT Laser’s new 3D laser system. It is a combination of proprietary software and hardware but the results are amazing.

    Some of the sample complex shapes the LIT Laser 3D fiber laser technology can perform.

    Lion medallion engraved with LIT Laser 3D fiber laser

    Check out this texture that was engraved with LIT Laser’s 3D fiber laser

    The largest object that can fit in their 3D fiber laser is 13.5″W x 9.5″L x 4.625″H (mm)

    Another benefit with their 3D laser system is that you can mark on complex surfaces without the need for a rotary tool.

    For more information go to LIT Laser’s website. Although their new 3D fiber laser system is not up on their website just yet so you should call them for more info.

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