[TriggrCon 2019] Holosun Titanium Laser LE221

    Holosun was one of the exhibitors at last week’s TriggrCon 2019. They had a couple of new items. The most interesting to me was the new Holosun Titanium laser LE221.

    Holosun Titanium Laser LE221

    Holosun has been making some rather affordable lasers for a while. They get a little overshadowed by the popularity of their red dots. The new LE221 will come in either Green or Red lasers. They all have a slaved infrared laser. So when you zero the visible laser, the IR laser will also be zeroed.

    VL = Visible Low, IRL – Infrared Low, IRH – Infrared High, VH – Visible High

    One aspect I like about the LE221 is something their aluminum LS117 series of lasers has. The laser emitter on the LE221 and LS117 are positioned directly above the barrel. Most lasers like DBAL, ATPIAL/PEQ and the MAWL are all offset lasers. This is usually due to compatibility with a front sight. But if you do not run a front sight, then having the laser in line with your barrel makes sense. See the LS117 below.

    Holosun LS117

    One slight downside to the offset nature of the LE221 design is that it positions the battery housing and button to the left. This makes activation with your thumb a little more cumbersome especially if you are a left-handed shooter. However, you can just use their tape switch mounted behind the laser on the handguard top rail and not have to deal with reaching the offset button. It is better to have a button than none. If you look at the photo of the LS117 above, it does not have a built-in button. Rather it requires you to rotate a selector switch to activate the laser or use the included tape switch.


    Holosun’s new Titanium Laser will also be made with a white LED on the left side. The LE321 will be a multi-function aiming laser. It has everything in one small unit. IR laser designator, IR laser illuminator, visible laser and visible LED illuminator. The compact size will help free up rail space on a small weapon platform like an AR Pistol or sub gun.

    The LE221 will retail for $795.28 and the LE321 will retail for $1,177.63 according to Holosun’s website.

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