#LetsGoShooting – August is National Shooting Sports Month by the NSSF

    national shooting sports month

    The National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) is celebrating their 3rd Annual declaration of August being the National Shooting Sports Month. The mission of the NSSF with August being the National Shooting Sports Month is to create… a time for the community of firearms owners to celebrate and enjoy the shooting sports with friends, family and newcomers they want to introduce to these lifetime activities.
    Back in 2017, the NSSF established August as the National Shooting Sports Month which was met with widespread approval! This national celebration of target shooting sports attracted thousands of participants to local shooting ranges. Ranges and firearms retailers listed thousands of special events and other segments of the firearms industry supported National Shooting Sports Month as sponsors, partners and through donations of sweepstakes prizes.

    Without getting too political as TFB’s mantra of “Firearms Not Politics” plainly states, it is important to celebrate responsible firearms ownership, education, and enjoyment with so much negativity generally painted across the news media. Firearms owners deserve a dedicated time that draws positive attention to their sports and its many benefits. With August being the National Shooting Sports Month (NSSM) it serves as a reminder to make time to enjoy a day at the range whether by themselves or with a friend or family member.

    Fast Facts from 2018

    • 77% of Participants in NSSM visited their Local Gun Range to Target Shoot
    • 31% of Participants in NSSM introduced someone NEW to Target Shooting

    While many of our readers who are avid fans of firearms might shoot pretty frequently that does not mean all firearm owners are like that. Some of us might have fallen out of our passion, or some close friends of yours might be intimidated to go to a range alone and try for the first. Aside from supporting firearm rights with your wallet and voting habits, one of the best ways to preserve the shooting sports are by growing its base through new enthusiasts. So bring some friends, old and new, with you the next time you go to the shooting range in August!

    Favorite Part of NSSM (Survey Responses)

    • “Being able to spend time with my son shooting.”
    • “Introducing my daughter to the sport.”
    • “Being part of a community in a sport I love.”
    • “Honing my skills.”
    • “The competition component of the matches I shot.”
    • “It had been a while and I forgot how much fun it was. Will start going again on a regular basis.”

    So for the month of August, be sure to introduce someone new to firearms and… Get Out and SHOOT! Also, while you are out shooting in the month of August, be sure to use the NSSM hashtag of #letsgoshooting on all of your social media!

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