Concealed Carry Corner: Why Claws are Good for Kydex Holsters

    When looking for concealment holsters, it looks like a fairly straight forward process, but there are thousands of variations to pick from. I went through several different holsters before settling on the model I use with a claw attached. I get a lot of questions on social media and emails asking why claws are so beneficial so I’ll make it easy for everyone. To clarify as well, a claw is also anything with a wing or attachment that pushes the waistband outward.

    The Purpose of a Claw

    Kydex holsters are my preferred way to carry concealed over other systems. I think the hybrid holsters are rather bulky and can be uncomfortable in the summertime for my body type. A simple Kydex holster with a claw is the best option for me while also being the most minimalistic for certain situations. Without the claw, a clip system can shift positions over time if the person sits down or moves around. I know people will say but Matt what about a double clip or strap system.

    Double Clip and strap systems work but tend to take more time putting on and taking off throughout the day. The great thing about a claw is it gives the carrier more options. With the addition of a claw, it gives the large single clip a second point of contact with your pants and stabilizes the holster similar to a double clip system. The benefit of the claw is the fact it gives stability of a more complicated system while staying extremely easy to take off.

    Appendix and Strong Slide Carry With a Claw

    Personally, I try to find gear that can adapt and used in different ways when possible. A claw is primarily looked at as a concealment aid for appendix carry. It does this by pushing the waistband of the pants outward making the gun print less because there’s more leverage pushing the gun tighter into the body. Being able to conceal better while appendix carrying is key since it’s in the field of view most people see throughout the day.

    IWB Holster without a claw

    IWB Holster with a claw. The belt pushes further out helping the user conceal their gun easier.

    For some reason, most people think a claw or winged holster isn’t beneficial for carrying strong side or on your hip. That couldn’t be further from the truth and the claw is a huge benefit for people carrying strong side. The body curves naturally and having the rectangular handgun frame on your hip doesn’t typically conceal great without adding layers of clothing. The beauty of a claw when carrying strong side is it gives the user more room to conceal the handgun frame inside their waistline and keeps the natural curvature of the body. The result is less printing and it helps with concealing larger handguns while minimizing printing.

    Overall Thoughts

    When looking at a claw or wing on your holster it’s always good to think of it as an addition to your holster to help aid in concealment. People sometimes get caught up with claws and think they are a permanent attachment to their holster when in reality it’s very easy to take off. It can be an aid when it’s needed, and if it becomes unneeded, the user can always take it off in minutes and carry without it. I personally like having options when carrying concealed and the claw is exactly that.

    Let me know what you guys think of claws and wings compared to more traditional methods like the two clip system or hybrid holsters in the comments below. If you have a question about holsters or anything else don’t hesitate to message me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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