DNO Firearms DX-7 Rifle With Prototype 3D Printed Polymer Receivers

    DNO Firearms DX-7 Rifle With Prototype 3D Printed Polymer Receivers (1)

    DNO Firearms has published a video where they test a DX-7 rifle with 3D printed polymer receivers. The DX-7 rifle is basically an improved AK that utilizes upper and lower receiver layout still using many standard AK parts with no or minor changes. The original DX-7 receivers are made of aluminum, however, looks like the design of these receivers will allow to successfully make their polymer versions, too. Let’s watch the mentioned video.

    Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Although the upper and lower receivers are made of polymer, the internal rails that the bolt carrier group runs on are made of steel. According to the company, if they get enough support and demand, they will invest in injection molding equipment and will start manufacturing these receivers out of glass-filled nylon molded around a steel trunnion and with integral steel rails. Speaking about supporting, you can help to finance their Research and Development expenses via their Patreon account. And speaking about the demand, tell them in our comments section if this is a product that you would be interested in.

    DNO Firearms DX-7 Rifle With Prototype 3D Printed Polymer Receivers (20)

    One of the key features of the DX-7 design is that thanks to the upper/lower receiver layout, it has a rigid top Picatinny rail – something that the standard AK platform has always been struggling with to provide a reliable solution. The DX-7 also utilizes an AR-style ambidextrous safety selector lever. The standard AK BCG is modified to have a left-side removable charging handle. The rifle is compatible with AR-15 buffer tubes and AK-47 handguards.

    DNO Firearms DX-7 Rifle With Prototype 3D Printed Polymer Receivers (14)

    Earlier we saw a 3D printed standard-pattern AK-47 polymer receiver made and tested by The AK Guy. That test failed, but The AK Guy didn’t expect it to work and the failure was predictable. It just proved what was obvious in theory – the direct polymer copy of the original receiver will not work or in other words “nyet, the rifle is fine“. In case of the DNO Firearms polymer receivers, the tests proved the viability of the concept and I think there is a good chance that these receivers will become a real product.

    Lastly, here is a set of close-up photos of these polymer receivers:

    What do you think about this project? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

    Images provided by DNO Firearms

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