SIG Sauer TXG Tungsten-Infused Polymer Grip Modules Now Available Separately

    SIG Sauer TXG Tungsten-Infused Polymer Grip Modules Now Available Separately (2)

    Less than a month ago, we talked about the release of a rather interesting new SIG Sauer competition pistol – the P320 XFIVE Legion. Perhaps the most innovative feature that this new handgun comes with is the SIG Sauer’s patent-pending TXG grip module which is made of tungsten-infused polymer. And now, that grip module is available for purchase separately.

    SIG Sauer TXG Tungsten-Infused Polymer Grip Modules Now Available Separately (1)

    Let me remind you what’s the idea behind using tungsten-infused polymer for making these frames. What SIG Sauer engineers achieved using this technology is that the frame/grip module of this pistol weighs as much as if it was made of steel. Having a heavy overall weight is a benefit for competition shooters. It allows to absorb more recoil and as a result, make it easier to do fast followup shots. Why not to just make a steel frame? Well, SIG Sauer claims that the advantage of the TXG tungsten-infused grip module is that it combines the weight of steel with the flexibility of the polymer. In the comments section of TFB article telling about the P320 XFIVE Legion, some of you speculated with the idea that this may also be a more cost-effective and less time-consuming method of making a heavy frame compared to machining it from a block of steel or forging.

    SIG Sauer TXG Tungsten-Infused Polymer Grip Modules Now Available Separately (4)

    So now, if you want to have such a frame but don’t want to buy a P320 XFIVE Legion pistol, you can buy the grip module separately and retrofit your SIG P320. All you need is to drop your P320 Fire Control Unit into the TXG grip module and assemble the gun with an X5 or Full-size slide assembly.

    The weight of the TXG grip module is 16.6 oz. As Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. said: “This innovative grip module can be easily installed on any existing P320 XFIVE or P320 Full-Size pistol, increasing the weight by over 8 oz., which helps to reduce muzzle flip by almost fifty-percent.”

    Here is also important information concerning the magazine compatibility of this grip module:

    The X-Series Grip Modules will only fit new style magazines with the circular SIG SAUER logo and square locking tab on the bottom of the basepad.  Mags marked “SIG SAUER” with circular locking tabs require modification to properly fit.  Newer style basepads and locking plates are available for sale.

    The SIG Sauer TXG Tungsten-Infused Polymer Grip Module is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $299.99.

    Let us know what do you think about this tungsten-infused frame technology. Have you already acquired a P320 XFIVE Legion? Would you give this grip module a try?

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