POTD: Norwegian Sniper in Mali

    We’re back to Mopti in Mali, and the Norwegians protecting the United Nations’ C130-J Hercules in this Photo Of The Day.

    We’re looking at a well camouflaged Heckler & Koch HK417, with a Schmidt & Bender scope in a quick-detach mount. The H&K is sound suppressed (quick-detach) and stands on a Harris bipod.

    Notice the Safran Vectronix laser range finder laying beside the sniper. Check more details about it here: New Extreme Laser Range Finder: Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder.

    Also check the Terrapin X – Laser Range Finder Performance test, by Finnaccuracy.

    Notice plate carrier and helmet. Glock 17 sidearm.

    This certainly looks cool in the pictures, but I wonder how many minutes a sniper will stand (or prone) without shade?

    NORTAD II on their first mission with transoprt of passangers. AMPT in Mopti with C130-J Hercules

    All photos by Onar Digernes Aase / Forsvaret, Norwgian Defense.