POTD: Danish Jægerkorps

    In Today’s Photo Of The Day we go to Denmark for a potential future within the Danish Jægerkorps.

    The pictures are part of a campaign to get people to join the Danish Frogman Corps or the Danish Jaeger Corps.

    The rifle is most likely an M/95 Diemaco C8. The rifle has an EOTech with Magnifier. You can also see that the soldier is using Night Vision Goggles and a laser designator.

    Wikipedia has more information about the Danish rifles here.

    You can find more information about the career as a Special Operator at Jaeger Corps here.

    Auto Translated, with some editing, from the recruiting homepage:

    The best of the best on land

    Do you want to be part of the special forces as a ranger soldier who is leading in unknown terrain and paving the way for other soldiers?

    As a ranger soldier, you are trained to perform many different types of military tasks within the full conflict spectrum; clearing up, security and training in both war and peace time. The international service will therefore be a natural part of your world.

    The training for the ranger soldier is a marathon with many surprising obstacles that require something special to get through. Your everyday life will be busy, but filled with exciting courses as well as exercises in both Denmark and abroad.

    During international service, you will often be the first in the area, where you handle tasks such as threat assessments and personal protection. During the course you will be challenged as a hunter soldier as never before, where your physics, will and perseverance will be decisive qualities in order to implement the various challenges and thereby achieve your place among the elite.

    If you are able to overcome your own fears as well as maintain the overview when things tighten and at the same time want a future where you are one of the few selected to handle tasks like conventional forces cannot, then you have considered seek the education as a ranger soldier?

    All photos from The Danish Defence.

    You can find more information about the Danish Army here and here.