NEW CASINGS: Starline Brass Now Offering .350 Legend Brass

    Starline Brass has added a new cartridge case to their brass offerings with the unveiling of .350 Legend now being available for handloaders. The .350 Legend cartridge was introduced less than a year ago at SHOT Show 2019, but it already has gained quite a bit of traction by being more stout than a traditional .30-30 Winchester round and being accepted in many AR-15 platforms. Starline Brass had this Press Release to share regarding the news:

    SEDALIA, MO – Starline Brass has added another rifle caliber, the .350 Legend to their growing line-up of high-quality rifle brass. Starline’s new .350 Legend rifle brass is produced with the same demanding quality control standards for which Starline has become known.

    Introduced by Winchester and approved by SAAMI in January of 2019, the .350 Legend is a brand new cartridge that has no parent case. This tapered case has a rebated rim allowing it to utilize the standard .223 bolt face found on many common rifles including the AR-15. Like many other AR cartridges, the .350 Legend only requires changing the barrel and magazine. This cartridge’s allure is that it can be used for hunting in several states that allow straightwall rifle cartridges only, but doesn’t have near the recoil of other AR cartridges that fill this niche. Utilizing .355” diameter bullets, the .350 Legend is capable of impressive ballistics, without a lot of recoil.

    One of the big reasons why so many reloaders choose Starline brass when searching for clean, new cartridge casings is because of their methodical production process. They have both machines and individuals inspect their casings for potential defects, cosmetic imperfections, and ensure dimensional characteristics meet the highest level of exacting standards. It is no wonder why Starline Brass is so popular. The pricing for the new .350 Legend brass in various quantities can be read below:

    • 250 Casings for $71.00 ($0.28/each)
    • 500 Casings for $131.50 ($0.26/each)
    • 1,000 Casings for $242.50 ($0.24/each)

    For all of our readers out there, has anybody jumped on the bandwagon yet and bought a firearm chambered in .350 Legend? Are you currently contemplating one leading into hunting season? Are you a reloader and have some previous experience with Starline Brass? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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