POTD: French Foreign Legion and the PGM Hécate II Sniper Rifle

    Long Range Shooting up to 1,800 meters is the subject of this Photo Of The Day.

    The 2nd Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment (In French: 2e Régiment étranger de parachutistes) posted these pictures from a very nice, long shooting range.

    The French have some strange firearms in its Army. In terms of sniper rifles, there are guns like the FR-F2, the PGM Ultima Ratio and the PGM Hécate II.

    Above you can also spot what I think is a Heckler & Koch HK417.

    The 2REP support company wins the Long Distance Elite Shooter Challenge!

    9 regiments, 19 events of the day and night and shots aiming at nearly 1800m

    Here is how the producer PGM Precision describes it:

    Hécate 2 – Long-range anti-material rifle (.50 BMG)

    The 50 BMG caliber Hécate 2 is a long range antimaterial rifle. Intended for the trained marksman, this weapon is designed to shoot target at more than 1 800 m. The precision and repeatability of this system ensure that the target is hit on the first attempt, while the power of the caliber ensures maximum effectiveness in anti-material targets.

    The Hécate 2 was designed from the very beginning for military use. In addition to great precision, it boasts exceptional reliability (barrel lifetime of 12 000 shots). Its ergonomic design is remarkable thanks to the fact that it is shorter and has less recoil than its competitors.

    Comfortable, robust and versatile, the Hécate 2, French made, is the best rifle of this caliber currently available on the market.

    According to Wikipedia, the standard-issue sight used with the Hécate II is the SCROME LTE J10 F1 10× rifle scope. If so, that is what we are looking through, but it could also be the spotting scope.

    Picture and text source: 2e REP – 2ème Régiment étranger de parachutistes


    You can find the French Foreign Legion here, and PGM Precision here.