SB Tactical Warns of Stabilizing Brace Counterfeits & Knock-Offs


    With the burgeoning popularity of AR and AK pistols, SB Tactical has one of the most in-demand accessories on the market with their pistol braces. As their light continues to shine brighter there will always be those who go to great lengths to copy a good idea whether in a legal or illegal fashion. As a result, SB Tactical is trying to curb as many of the illegal impostors as possible. They issued this public statement to distributors recently to make everyone more aware of counterfeits and cheap knock-offs:

    Dear Distributor and Retail Partners,

    NST GLOBAL, LLC dba SB TACTICAL (“SB Tactical”) owns the United States Patent
    No. 8,869,444 for “Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment for a handgun”. This patent has been licensed to ME TECHNOLOGY, INC. dba CAA USA (“CAA USA”) located in Pomano Beach Florida, for the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of handgun conversion kits (RONI, MICRO RONI and MCK stabilizer conversion kits).

    We would like to inform you that CAA USA is the only manufacturer authorized to produce handgun conversion kits with SB Tactical’s stabilizing brace technology. We respectfully request that any purported, counterfeit and/or unauthorized use of stabilizer braces in handgun conversion kits manufactured, sold, or marketed by other companies be reported to SB Tactical promptly. Please notify us if any Roni Stabilizers coming from companies like YRS Inc, CAA Industries (Israel) and Jay Technology as they are unauthorized sellers of the product.

    While cheap imitations and counterfeits might have an obviously easier price-point you often get what you pay for and the original is always best. For all of our readers out there running around with AK or AR pistols with an SB Tactical stabilizing brace, have you encountered cheap counterfeits on the interwebs? Have you ever seen a cringe-worthy counterfeit at a shooting range? Let us all know what you think of this in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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