Happy TFBirthday! A Dozen Great Years


    Twelve years ago today, The Firearm Blog opened its doors to the world with one main objective: to provide factual information about guns without all the usual tribal political debates that tend to follow. Our founder, Steve Johnson, had a unique vision that would bring gun owners from around the world together to appreciate the design, engineering, enjoyment and practical purpose of firearms. To the best of our abilities, we’ve stayed true to TFB’s motto of avoiding partisan rhetoric. Sometimes that policy means losing out on traffic by remaining quiet on big stories that are politically charged. And that’s ok with us.

    Happy TFBirthday! A Dozen Great Years

    We are not above legitimate criticism. By leaving our comments section open to anyone with respectful opinions, our readership can provide us with feedback on content, formatting and style decisions. Although I have taken a more hard line stance on Disqus accounts that are trolling TFB for either profit or personal gain. I also appreciate your personal perspectives and I read every email that comes in, even if I can’t respond to them all.

    I truly believe that we have the best staff in the business. We may not be perfect, but our quirks and eccentricities give us a character that other outlets may not be able to provide. TFB writers are free to write news and reviews as they see fit: all we ask is that they remain objective and relay their experiences draw their own conclusions based on facts. I couldn’t be more proud of all the people that bring you the TFB news and reviews every day.

    From TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves:

    TFBTV continues to carry the organization’s “guns, not politics” standard while providing fresh and unbiased video reviews of new and emerging guns and gun products, presented by a group of the most talented and capable correspondents across gun media.

    In spite of the fact that TFBTV – like every other gun channel on YouTube – is seeing double-digit percentage decreases in views, watch time, and new subscribers due to YouTube’s new gun-related demonetization practices, TFB’s YouTube channel is approaching 700,000 subscribers and 200 million lifetime views in just under four and a half years.

    Over 1,200 loyal viewers are not only keeping the channel afloat through their Patreon backing (patreon.com/tfbtv), but also providing enough financial stability to support two gun giveaways a month. (tfbtv.gun.team) TFBTV owes a special debt of gratitude to those viewers who are making personal sacrifices to ensure that TFB’s video wing remains unaffected by widespread anti-gun sentiment and policy across popular social media platforms.

    Most importantly, due to Patreon support and the commitment of its sponsors, Ventura Munitions, Blue Alpha Gear, Federal Ammunition, and Vista Outdoors, TFBTV has remained independent of manufacturer influence. This is hard to come by in an age where it is by far the norm, rather than the exception, to take under-the-table, undisclosed payments from vendors in exchange for positive reviews on YouTube and other video media outlets.

    Regardless of whether or not TFBTV is banned from the social media outlets it currently publishes to, rest assured that there is a contingency plan in place to make sure that content continues to flow to TFB readers and viewers no matter what.

    We owe our thanks to you for helping to propel TFBTV up and away in such a short period of time.

    Thank you

    From all of us here at TFB. Thanks for reading. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you here on the blog.


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