Naroh Arms N1 9mm Subcompact: Contender or Pretender?

Brannon LeBouef
by Brannon LeBouef

In this video, Brannon LeBouef, of NOLATAC and St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, takes an early look at a prototype Naroh Arms N1 sub-compact 9mm pistol. Brannon, James, and Ryan try out this early version of the pistol. While Brannon is not a fan of “long stroke double action triggers”, he seems to think this is a good one if that is what you like. Stay tuned for the release of this new gun from Naroh Arms.


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Naroh Arms N1 (proto-type)

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Brannon LeBouef
Brannon LeBouef

Brannon LeBouef is an 11-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a law enforcement officer since 1996, owner of the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, NOLATAC Training Center, NOLATAC Training and Consulting, and the NOLATAC Veterans Training Program. Brannon has trained people from all backgrounds across the world and also worked as a private security contractor overseas. Brannon's core skill set is instructing and business development within the firearms industry.

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  • 24and7 24and7 on Jul 17, 2019

    I wish that they would make a striker-fired or concealed Hammer fired compact handgun with a double action only system modeled after the old Para-Ordnance LDA.. a light double action.. a Striker Fired compact with double strike capabilities imagine that..