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    If you see this little blaster first time, don’t worry, you don’t have vision issues – it indeed has two barrels. Moreover, it fires two rounds simultaneously upon a trigger pull – a type of firing that is defined as volley fire which is different from the full auto definition. In fact, when Standard Manufacturing first showed this gun (January 2019), it was called S333 Volleyfire. Apparently, they renamed it to S333 Thunderstruck and now you can purchase this pocket artillery piece.

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    The S333 Thunderstruck is a double action rimfire revolver chambered in .22 WMR. It has an 8-round cylinder capacity, however, because it fires two round per trigger pull, you have four trigger pulls until the cylinder is empty. The gun has a Glock-style trigger safety and the trigger itself is designed to be pulled with two fingers. The trigger guard is merely a shield in front of the trigger leaving the latter unprotected from the bottom. Probably, the existence of a trigger safety will eliminate the possible dangers associated with the absence of a trigger guard on the bottom portion.

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    The company suggests to alternate birdshot and standard .22 WMR ammunition in the cylinder to have a bullet and a small cloud of birdshot launched towards the target with each trigger pull. This should also result in lower recoil.

    The 1-1/4″ long barrels, as well as the cylinders of S333 Thunderstruck, are made of steel. The frame is machined out of a solid block of 7075 aluminum and features a hard coat anodized finish. The overall weight of this revolver is 18 oz.

    Holster options of the limited time Holster Package offer

    The MSRP of this revolver is $369. Currently, it is also available within a limited offer package that includes a holster, cylinder safety insert, baseball cap, and T-Shirt. The cost of the holster package is $425. There are several holster options that you can choose from: ankle holster, belt holster (right- or left-handed), shoulder holster (right- or left-handed), or trigger guard holster.

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