Pawn Shop Finds – What Will $65.00 Buy You?

    Recently, I have been accused of being an “elitist” and a “gun snob” in the comment section of various articles.  I will be the first person to admit I love my share of high quality and functional firearms. After some reflection, I figured I would go out of my comfort zone for the reader’s entertainment. I hit a dozen gun stores in search of the cheapest, cringeworthy, and downright interesting gun I could find. I will occasionally go on a gun store tour in my area and hit every gun store I know of in a 100-mile radius. It gives me a chance to talk with various people selling guns in my area and sometimes even gives me ideas for writing. This time around I took a friend and we decided to look for the cheapest option we could find.

    Finding The Right Gun

    I found plenty of guns in the $100-250 range but not much under $100. Surprisingly, I found a ton of different mini pocket guns and Taurus handguns in the cases along with a few Smith & Wesson SD9 VE around as well. I ended up finding a sweet little bi-tone Hi-Point CF380 with a compensator! It was unique looking compared to most standard Hi-Points. The gun was definitely thrown down a flight or two of stairs, but it gave it character.

    When I picked it up for the first time, I felt like I was John Wick, except if John Wick lived in a double-wide and wore sweat pants instead of a bulletproof suit. It was perfect, so after a fair bit of negotiating and even offering to buy the guys a package of beef jerky, we settled on a final price of $65.00. I was ecstatic and didn’t even have to buy the staff members beef jerky (although I did offer).

    My Trophy find in a paper bag it later ripped through.

    The Gun’s Condition

    When I walked out of the pawn show, I had so many questions. Why did I just buy a Hi-Point that has been shot probably 600,000 times? How has my life reached this point? Why am I buying guns because people on the internet say I only like nice guns? All were rolling around inside my head. I will be honest with you guys, the CF380 is in bad shape. It had zero factory items with it and the store basically gave it to me in a paper bag. Luckily, the CF380 had one magazine in the gun, but when I tried putting ammo into it, It could only hold three rounds. After a while, I ended up taking the magazine apart and fixing the spring and headed to the range.

    Range Time

    I will be totally honest, and admit I was afraid to fire the gun for the first time so I bet my buddy $5.00 he wouldn’t shoot the gun first. It’s rather sad, but it worked and my buddy acted as my sacrificial lamb but the gun worked flawlessly! I fed roughly 275 rounds of 380 Auto through it without a single hiccup or malfunction. I had some SIG V-Crown ammo lying around and decided to put it through the Hi-Point. Gladly, I can report I have yet to find any ammo that the CF380 didn’t chew through.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I can’t be happier with my $65 investment. The Hi-Point CF380 runs like an Olympic track star with any ammo I put through it and it’s a good laugh to run in drills. This article has two take away points for me. First, I’m not an elitist when it comes to guns and will literally shoot anything as long as I know it’s safe to fire. Second, your budget isn’t an excuse to get out and train. It doesn’t matter if you have a $65.00 or a $650.00 gun as long as you get out and become proficient with it. PLEASE let me know if you find any amazing used guns and send them in. Just be sure to get the price in a picture to verify its legitimacy. I will continue to do these if you guys really enjoy it, but let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

    I’m an avid shooter and love educating whether it’s at my job or in the shooting community. I’m an average joe that really loves talking with other people about firearms and other passions
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