TFB Featured Deals of the Week – 7/12/19


    Welcome back to another Featured Deals of the Week, I’m your host Benjamin F. As always please let me know in the comments if you want to see more of any kind of deal.

    Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12ga – $249.99

    Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

    What the deal is:

    Alright most of you are probably already very familiar with this shotgun, and I don’t need to spend a lot of time elaborating on it. For anyone who isn’t familiar however, this is the Mossberg 590 pump-action 12-gauge “Shockwave” shotgun. It has a 14″ barrel and an OAL of just 26.37″, making it surprisingly compact.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Generally speaking these retail for around $300, dipping as low as $285 on some retailers. So for PSA to be selling them at $250 is a damn good deal, especially if you’re just buying one of these for the meme value and not because you plan to put a brace on it.

    WASR-10 with muzzle brake 7.62x39mm – $642.99

    Image Provided by Dahlonega Gold and Pawn

    What the deal is:

    I have a feeling most people are about to start typing some comment about “WASRs suck!” or something similar. That actually used to be true. Used to be. WASRs have been polished up by the factory since then, and are now excellent AKs for both people new to the platform and people looking for a rock-solid offering for their collection.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    While AR prices have been dropping like rocks, WASR and other AKs have had their prices steadily creeping up for the last few years. I’m not saying you can turn around and sell this for a profit in 10 years, but I am saying if you want to buy an AK, sooner is better than later. This of course, on top of the fact that this is for sale for between $30-50 under market.

    Anderson Stripped Lower Receiver – $28.99

    Image Provided by Primary Arms

    What the deal is:

    Okay, before you guys crucify me in the comments, hear me out. I am not about to pull a “just as good” card, and I am not going to say that an Anderson lower is of the same quality as say, Aero Precision or even Palmetto. But, and this is a big but, they are not terrible lowers. They are in spec, and they will not explode in your face. Now, do I recommend putting say, a Daniel Defense upper on this? No, because that would be stupid. But if all you want is to build a dirt-cheap AR, Anderson is where it’s at.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Anderson lowers typically sell for $30, so $1 off retail isn’t much to celebrate. This made the list because it is as cheap as they have ever been, and honestly unless Anderson starts selling at cost I don’t see them getting any cheaper. But who knows? Five years ago if someone had told you that you could build an AR-15 for $300 you would have laughed them out of the building.

    Vortex Scopes Close-outs – 25-45% off

    Image Provided by EuroOptic

    What the deal is:

    EuroOptic has a long-standing Vortex Optics closeout and clearance list that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention again. At this sale you can get some fairly substantial discounts on Vortex scopes, like a Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 with EBR-4 MOA for $299.99 instead of $380 retail. Or a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 EBR-2D for $750 instead of just under $1000 the scope normally retails for.

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    Benjamin is a student in Massachusetts, where he is getting his Master’s in Criminology. He is originally from Virginia, where he was introduced to firearms at summer camp when he was thirteen. Ever since his first shot with a .22LR bolt-action he has been in love with shooting sports. He is a moderator on the TFB Discord, which can be found at On reddit he can be found under /u/HuskyCriminologist.