SIG Updates The Small Parts Picker For P365 And P226 Pistols

    Small parts picker

    Two months ago, SIG Sauer rolled out the Small Parts Picker for their popular lineup of MCX rifles and P320 pistols. The concept is beautifully simple: all those small, hard to find parts can now be found in one place as a searchable exploded diagram with part numbers and one-click ordering. Many manufacturers could follow SIG’s lead and make our shade tree gunsmithing lives easier.

    A small word of caution for those of you who tend to take customization and repair to the extremes: parts marked with an ‘A’ require additional knowledge and/or tools over just a simple field strip of the weapon. So while a small parts picker replacement may seem like an easy do it yourself project, there is a chance of rendering you weapon inoperable or worse, unsafe.

    Details can be found below.

    SIG Updates The Small Parts Picker For P365 And P226 Pistols

    New for the P320 and P226: Purchase small parts quickly and easily with our online tool.

    • Intuitively navigate multiple levels for upper or lower components
    • Zoom in and out to narrow your purchasing options
    • Add to cart without leaving the shopping experience
    • Also available for the P365 and MCX


    Beyond Field-Strip level parts:

    ATTENTION: Beyond Field-Strip level parts are labeled with the following marker.

    Installation of these parts kits require disassembly of your firearm beyond a “field-stripped” condition. Improper installation may result in malfunction, serious injury, or death. SIG SAUER requires that only trained, experienced armorers install these parts kits. Any damage caused by the incorrect installation of these parts kits are not covered by your firearm’s warranty, and SIG SAUER will charge for any needed repairs to a firearm damaged by improper use or installation of these parts kits.

    WARNING: These parts kits are intended to be installed as a full unit. Any substitution of included parts may be incompatible and may lead to malfunction, serious injury, or death.

    Field-Strip level parts:

    ATTENTION: Be sure to install these parts in accordance with the instructions in your firearm’s owner’s manual.


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