POTD: German Air Force Air Mobile Protection Team (HK MP7, G36, G28, FN SCAR-L)

    We’re looking at five German Soldiers stepping out of an Austrian C-130 Hercules of the European Tactical Airlift Program.

    Today’s Photos show three of the soldiers carrying the standard issue Heckler & Koch G36.

    The soldier to the far right carries the Heckler & Koch G28 Designated Marksman Rifle, with the Schmidt & Bender rifle scope.

    One of the soldiers (hidden) has a different collapsible stock on his G36. After a while, I realized it is most likely not a G36, but possibly a Heckler & Koch MP7 as the pistol grip goes much deeper?

    As the German Bundeswehr released more images, my suspicion was confirmed (see below).

    I think the pistol is a Pistole 8 (P8).

    The soldiers are part of the Air Force Air Mobile Protection Team (AMPT). The AMPT is responsible for the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers and cargo on the ground.

    The location is Zaragoza, Spain, which by the looks of it seems to be a rather warm place this time of the year.

    The European Tactical Airlift Program offers the Air Force Air Mobile Protection Team (AMPT) the opportunity to familiarize themselves with aircraft designs of partner nations. (Photo: Bundeswehr / Gerrit Burow)

    Below: Spanish soldier and a Belgian FN SCAR-L.

    Below: A German Soldier looking into a Belgian FN SCAR-L

    Below: A Belgian soldier examining the German HK MP7 mentioned above.

    If you can identify the optic please let us know in the comments below.

    All photos by The German Bundeswehr / Gerrit Burow.