ZEV Technologies Announces O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit

    ZEV OZ9

    The O.z-9's three component parts, the grip frame, receiver and slide assembly (ZEV)

    Back in January TFB reported that ZEV Technologies were introducing their first pistol, the O.Z-9. ZEV have now announced that they will be releasing an O.Z-9 modular build kit using components from their design.

    The O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit (MBK) will offer a high level of customization that will allow users to build their O.Z-9 how they want, from the ground up. The basis of the kit is either a Black DLC or Titanium Gray O.Z-9 steel receiver.

    ZEV’s V.P. of Marketing, Dave Roberts, explained:

    This is a big deal for the consumer who already owns a custom ZEV firearm or the necessary compatible ZEV components that go into an O.Z-9. It’s also the perfect starting point for the consumer that wants to build an O.Z-9 in the exact configuration they want. The steel receiver is the serialized component, and the foundation of the O.Z-9, so once you have that, the rest is like a set of Lego building blocks, but with ZEV parts.”

    New ZEV Technologies O.Z-9 Pistol (ZEV)

    Builders can then use parts from ZEV’s range of slides, barrels, triggers, O.Z-9 grip assemblies and magazine wells picking whatever suits their needs – “Whether it’s for duty, concealed carry, competition, or a weekend range gun, the MBK is the place to start.”

    ZEV say that their O.Z-9 internal steel receiver, which is machined from a single block of 17-4 stainless steel billet, “reduces the flex associated with polymer frames, has an integrated locking block and longer slide rails which provide more contact with the slide. Less felt recoil, less muzzle flip, faster follow up shots, and improved accuracy is the result.”

    You can find out more about the ZEV O.Z-9 and the O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit (MBK) over on ZEV Technologies website. So, what do you think, is the O.Z-9 MBK the perfect build-your-own lego-style pistol kit? Are you tempted by an O.Z-9? Let us know below.

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