POTD: One Way To Mount A Rifle In A Tractor

    If you’ve seen a tractor in a field, you may have wondered how you’d mount a rifle or shotgun to it.  Such queries have been discussed in forums for all types of vehicles on occasion.  AR15.com member and farmer, Griffin86 posted pictures of how he secures his rifles in his enclosed cab John Deere tractor.  When I saw his post, I was quite intrigued and he gave permission for me to share his photos here with you.

    When you look at landscape worked by Griffin86, it looks like he’s got plenty of room to reach out and touch stuff, which his AR10 style platform looks set up to do.  He chose Ram Mounts to help secure the rifle inside the tractor’s cab.  I’d never heard of Ram mounts previously, but viewing their website, you can see all the different mounting options they have available. Griffin went with the suction cup base, short arm, and tough clamp.

    POTD: Mounting a rifle in a tractor

    For any TFB-reading farmers out there, how do you store a long gun on your tractor or other farm equipment? Is anyone else inspired by Griffin86’s set up?  If not, how would you mount your long gun?