NZ Police Show How They Will Destroy Firearms – Awkwardly Slow

    Destroy firearms.

    In a video reported by Radio New Zealand, NZ Police officials demonstrate how they will destroy firearms collected from residence after a recent law banning ownership by citizens. The machine, a hydraulic press or bending machine is used to crush the firearm, in this case, an AR15, in three or four locations. The barrel, receiver and receiver extension/stock are all rendered inoperable by crushing the critical points.

    The controversial “buy back” program by the NZ Police authorities allows guns to be turned over in return for 95% of their new retail value if they are in “like new” condition. Lawsuits are pending over the program with some arguing that the firearms were investments intended for sale at life points such as retirement.

    The 20-ton hydraulic press seen in the video is made by Bulldozer and is normally used to bend tubing and flat steel.

    New Zealand is trying to buy back the military-style weapons it banned in April. It’s not so easy.– Washington Post

    Paul Clark, owner of New Zealand Ammunition, one of the country’s largest ammunition companies, said he believed many owners would attempt to hide their weapons.

    He added that if owners are not allowed to make their case through the justice system “the only alternative is revolution.”

    Asked by Radio New Zealand journalist Lisa Owen to clarify what he meant, he replied: “Literally, what I just said.”

    Clark later apologized for the comment and said he was not calling for violence.

    The government has set the buyback value at 95 percent of the estimated base price for new or nearly new firearms. The amount is less for weapons in poorer condition.

    There has been no indication from officials that the compensation rates will be increased, and an amnesty period expires Dec. 20.

    NZ Police Show How They Will Destroy Firearms – Awkwardly Slow

    Published on Jul 3, 2019 – RNZ

    Tens of thousands of firearms will be crunched by a hydraulic press after gun owners hand them in to police at collection events that begin next week in New Zealand. 

    Bulldozer Bender

    The Bulldozer Bender is an electrically driven hydraulically operated steel bender. A tried-and-tested design, it is very sturdily constructed and is fully powder-coated for durability and finish. It has been in production in New Zealand for 25 years with over 3000 units sold worldwide.

    The machine is primarily designed for bending flat steel bars. Suitable for tow-bar tongues, brackets, gate hinges, builders’ hardware, and general metal forming. It has the ability to bend steel back on itself into a U-shape, making it suitable for forming around vehicle tail-lights or stirrups.

    The machine has quick changeover to a nominal-bore pipe bender. Also available is a light-gauge tube bending attachment suitable for up to 28mm OD tube.


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