New Manta V2 Suppressor Covers – Same Durability, Lower Profile, Lighter Weight

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    Manta Defense has launched the new generation of their suppressor covers – the Manta V2. This new product looks a little bit different than the previous Manta Defense suppressor covers and also has been redesigned to make it slimmer and lighter compared to the first generation.

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    Particularly, the Manta V2 has a 2.1″ diameter when mounted on a 1.5″ suppressor as opposed to the 2.25″ diameter of the previous version – V1. The V2 is also significantly lighter than the V1. It weighs¬†5.97 oz whereas the V1 weighs in at 7.44 oz.¬† In other words, they managed to achieve about a 20% weight reduction. Just like the V1, the V2 is also 7″ long and can be trimmed to any desired length. Externally, the V2 has thread-like spiral flutes compared to straight fins of the V1. With all these changes incorporated into the design of this new suppressor cover, the Manta V2 still retains the durability of the V1.

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    Talking about the durability of these covers, here is what can be found on the company’s website:

    The Sleeves will resist the extreme heat generated from suppressors, thus protecting operators and gear from accidental burns while helping to reduce mirage and IR signature. Sleeves will not melt!

    WARNING: Not recommended for use in excess of 100 rounds of cyclic or continued rapid fire. Not recommended for use in excess of 50 rounds with Titanium suppressors.

    The Camo color option is made by mixing all other color options

    The Manta V2 Suppressor Covers are listed on the Manta Defense website at an MSRP of $69.95. There are five color options available: Black, Olive Drab, Wolf Grey, Flat Dark Earth, and Camo. The choice of color does not affect the price.

    Do you use a Manta Defense suppressor cover on your can? What is your experience with their products? What do you think about Manta V2? Sound off in the comments section.

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